Xtra-PC Review 2020



Ease of Use 97%
Cost 92%
Speed 97%
File Compatibility 98%
Shipping 92%
Network Usage 98%


  • Comes loaded with a Linux OS for installing on any computer
  • Available in three models with up to 64 GB of storage
  • Makes your computer run at a fast speed
  • Gives you access to all your programs and files


  • You can get the same version of Linux free on the web
  • May not read on your computer
  • It can take over some of your files
  • You might find that it hides some of your files so well that you can't find them

What is the Xtra-PC?

Nearly everyone has at least one old computer at home. You probably put your old laptop away when you upgraded to a fewer computer. Those who own desktops often stop using them when they invest in laptops because they know that they can take those computers with them wherever they go. Another reason you might stop using a computer is that it runs so slowly. Keeping hundreds of old work or school files on your computer as well as games and apps that you downloaded can all cause your computer to slow to a crawl. Thanks to Xtra-PC, you can now get the speeds that you want in just a few short minutes.
Xtra-PC looks like an ordinary flash drive and is easy to install. It adds a new version of Linux to your computer that you can use in place of a Windows or Mac operating system. You can use that drive as an external hard drive to save some of your important files or create a backup drive. Though you might think that it’s tricky to use or requires a lot of steps, you can install Linux in minutes. If you want to get more use from an old computer, check out our Xtra-PC review.
Xtra-PC gives you extra storage space and increases your computer’s speed.

Why Switch to Linux?

The chances are good that you heard about Linux before but never thought about using it on your computer. Many people use the standard operating systems that come with their computers and don’t consider any of their other options. Whether you think that you can’t download Linux or worry that you won’t install and set it up properly, you can use Xtra-PC to quickly update your OS and enjoy all the benefits of Linux. Some of the advantages or benefits that Linux has over other operating systems include:
  • You can experiment with the code as you gain more experience and share those changes with others
  • It comes with more security features to keep you safe from hackers and other online threats
  • With Linux, you can quickly install new updates in less time
  • You do not need to pay extra when you add it to another computer because it is free to use
  • Linux is more stable than other operating systems and less prone to crashes
  • It is compatible with all the file formats found on your system and doesn’t require adding new extensions to edit or view those files
  • You can connect multiple monitors to one desktop system to create a new workspace
With Linux and Xtra-PC, you can create the ultimate workstation with as many monitors as you want or need.

How Can You Use the Xtra-PC?

There is nothing worse than trying to find something on the web and finding that your browser refuses to respond. If you open multiple tabs or windows with the same browser, you may find that an ad or video on a site slows down your computer and keeps it from responding. Experts will often recommend that you defrag your hard drive or that you run anti-virus software. That

software looks for malware that can make the system run slowly. It can also identify cookies that other sites retained. With Xtra-PC, you can get all the benefits of anti-virus software without spending hundreds of dollars on one of those programs.

If you’re in college, high school or even graduate school, your system may run slowly because you saved so many files relating to upcoming assignments. Those who work from home or in an office can have just as many files saved from their work projects. with this handy tool, all you need is a USB port to get your computer running fast again. Xtra-PC can even make it run as fast as it did when you first brought it home. Within a few minutes of setting up Xtra-PC, you can get the fast speed that you want and still have complete access to all of your files.

Top Signs That a Hacker Infiltrated Your System
  • Your system uses more data than it ever did before
  • The computer keeps shutting down and restarting
  • Sites and videos take several minutes or longer to load
  • Pop-up ads appear more frequently
  • Your browser history shows pages and sites that you never visited
  • Apps and games that you used before start crashing

How Do You Install and Set Up Xtra-PC?

As we said before, using Xtra-PC is easier than you might think. Before you start surfing the web with Linux, you need to install and set up the tool, which includes:

  • Remove the top/cap from the Xtra-PC tool
  • Insert the flash drive into an open USB port on your computer
  • Wait for your computer to recognize the tool and start running it
  • Look for the first window will appear, which asks if you want to run the program
  • Respond to all the following prompts to make sure that tool can run

Though you can find Linux from other sources, installing those versions isn’t as easy as using Xtra-PC. With those programs, you need a good understanding of open source code as well as your computer. Unless you studied computer science in school, you might feel so confused about the program that you shut it down before getting to the best parts. Xtra-PC makes it easier for you to install Linux and reduces the risk that you might accidentally delete some of the important files from your hard drive. You just plug in the hard drive and respond to all the prompts that you see, which will add the new operating system to your computer.

What Happens if Your Computer Doesn’t Recognize Xtra-PC

Some users found that their devices didn’t recognize Xtra-PC. If the same thing happens to you, you can try:

  • Manually open the flash drive from your computer’s settings
  • Remove the USB drive and reinsert it
  • Make sure that you entered it in a USB port
  • Check to see if the port failed

Where Can You Use the Xtra-PC?

Do you have a computer that runs sluggishly? Maybe you’re tired of constantly bring up the Task Manager just to shut down certain applications. Let’s say that you have Firefox running and decide to use Chrome to check your bank account information. When you run two browsers at the same time, your computer can slow down so much that you can get up, grab a snack, use the bathroom and come back to see that the page still hasn’t loaded. Before you start deleting files or decide to buy a new computer, you can try using Xtra-PC. While you can still access photos of your family and play your favorite games, you might notice your computer running significantly faster than it ever did before.
You can use Xtra-PC on any type of computer, including the old desktop that you used in college and a laptop that you recently replaced. If you want to check out videos that you saved on your old system, you can drag it out and install Xtra-PC to view them again. This is also a handy tool that you can use when your office or school computers slow down. You can even use it on a bank of library computers.

Do you Need a Hard Drive to Run Xtra-PC?

You don’t need an internal or external hard drive to use the Xtra-PC. All you need is a free USB port.

Who’s This For?

Losing important photos and videos is something that can happen after a hard drive failure. Spilling a glass of water on your computer or a fire that breaks out in your home can leave behind a system that even the most seasoned pro cannot save. When you create a back up of your system in the cloud or on an external device, you can save copies of those original files and keep them stored in a safe location. An easy way to create the back up that you want is with the Xtra-PC device, which you just insert into a port and let you run. You can then use Linux at the same time that you keep your files safe.

Xtra-PC is a popular tool for those who have work computers. They can use Linux to browse their favorite websites, watch videos and even send emails. It retains your information on the USB drive rather than on the computer itself, which can give you some privacy. You can also use the Xtra-PC tool for a computer that you borrow from school or a loved one. As it works on all makes and models of computers, you can run it on any future system that you buy too.

How Do I Know if I Have a Computer Virus?

  • It takes a long time for your computer to start or restart
  • Pop-up ads and windows appear when you’re on the web
  • You notice the amount of available space dropping
  • The computer keeps asking you for permission to do different things
  • You cannot access your email or certain files

Who Would Benefit from the Xtra-PC?

When you decide to get rid of an old computer, you need to wipe the hard drive first. This keeps the next buyer from finding confidential information and any other data that you don’t want to share. You should also wipe the hard drive before throwing away a PC because hackers can take that system from the trash. Experts also recommend wiping or removing the hard drive before you recycle an old computer. If you later decide not to get rid of the system and use it again, you may need to pay quite a bit of money for a new OS. Xtra-PC functions as the new OS that you need. Others who could benefit from this tool include those who:
  • Want to try building a PC from scratch
  • Plan to create a custom system or network and need a good OS
  • Have an older PC or laptop that they want to use again
  • Own computers that stopped working because of viruses, ransomware and other problems
  • Need to use an old computer but aren’t sure that it still works
You can even use Xtra-PC on a computer that stops on the startup menu. It helps you get by that menu and start using the computer again.
How to Boot Your Computer to Run Xtra-PC
Turn off your computer Put the Xtra-PC tool in an open USB port Turn on the computer Press F12 Select USB HDD from the options available to run Xtra-PC

What Can You Do with Xtra-PC?

You can do anything with the Xtra-PC that you would do with any other OS. Many people who work in information technology and computer science prefer Linux to alternative operating systems because it lets them customize their systems based on what they like to do. They also get more protection when they’re online. If you have a messaging system such as Facebook Messenger, you can log into your account and send messages to anyone, including contacts on your friends’ list and others who use Facebook. It also allows you to log in to any email system to check your inbox and send new emails. You can also use Xtra-PC to:
  • Watch television shows and films on Netflix and other streaming apps
  • Download new games from sources you trust
  • Check out the trending videos on YouTube and similar sites
  • View and edit documents in Open Office and Microsoft Word
  • Visit any website without worrying about picking up a virus
Xtra-PC will never block or limit your access to any of the files or programs on your system. If you can use it with your standard OS, you can use it with Xtra-PC. If you don’t see the file listed on your screen, you can use Xtra-PC to search your folders to find it.
Can You Access Google Docs with the Xtra-PC?

You can use Google Docs as well as Gmail and other features of Google when using Xtra-PC. To use those features, you may need to log into your Google account first.

How Long Does It Take to Install?

When you download an install Linux from other sources, it can take 10 minutes or more for the program just to download. You’re then looking at least another hour until it finishes installing, which is when you can use it. Most of the Xtra-PC reviews that we found claimed that users could install this version of Linux in less than 10 minutes. Many users even reported that it took as little as five minutes. The speed can depend on how long it takes for your computer to recognize the device though. If you need to manually view your settings and run it yourself, it can take even longer. We found that the process went slower on computers that are older too. Other factors that can determine how long it takes include:

  • How fast your computer normally is
  • Whether your computer can process new data and programs quickly
  • If you keep other programs or apps open at the same time
To make the process as fast as possible, you should shut down any apps or programs on your computer before inserting the USB drive. This can also help your computer quickly recognize the new hardware. Even an app running in the background can keep Xtra-PC from installing as quickly as it should.
What Can You Do if Xtra-PC Doesn’t Work?

If you try everything and cannot get the Xtra-PC tool to run, contact the company that makes it. You might get a new USB flash drive with Linux installed on it sent to you or get your money back.

Tips for Using Xtra-PC

  • Check the Packaging: Before you remove this flash drive tool from the packaging, look for any signs of damage. This allows you to return the product for a full refund. It also reduces the risk that someone tampered with the item.
  • Restart your Computer: Do not run Xtra-PC until you restart your computer first. This shuts down any programs that might interfere with your installation. Your computer will ask for permission to shut down apps and programs that didn’t respond when you tried to restart it too.
  • Give it Time: Many people freak out when they plug in Xtra-PC and their computers do not immediately respond. It can take a few minutes for your computer to notice the new device. As soon as it does, it should run the included software.
  • Stay Nearby: Though you might feel tempted to use the bathroom or grab a snack while Xtra-PC runs, you should always remain near your computer. As it downloads and runs the software, it will ask you different questions and wait for your response. If you leave, you risk the computer canceling the process because you didn’t click the right button.
  • Call for Help: The makers of Xtra-PC designed the product for anyone to use. If you run into any problems during the installation, call them for help.
How Can You Pay for Xtra-PC?

Shopify, American Express, VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, PayPal

Should You Buy It?

Our section on the cons of the Xtra-PC focuses on the issues that this product has and why you may want to consider something else. To make sure that you understand why millions of customers bought this flash drive, we tracked down the top pros of the product too. Not only did we include details from customers who used this to boost their computers, but we also added the experiences that we had when using it.

Compatible with All Computers

With Xtra-PC, you don’t need to worry about ordering different models because you use Macs in some places and Windows computers in others. As it runs on all systems, you can use it on the oldest computers at home and work too. Your office may have some old computers hidden in storage that have data you need for an upcoming project. Once you use the tool to install Linux on the system, you can go in and recover that data. As long as the computer can turn on, you can use it with this tool. Some reviewers found that it even worked on computers from the 1990s.

Low Price
One of the main complaints we heard about the Xtra-PC is that it charges money for the Linux OS, which you can get for free from other sources. We wanted to point out that while you can get the OS for free, the software that you find on the web lacks any recovery tools and doesn’t give you extra storage. For just $35, you can get up to 16 GB of storage for backups and Linux. When you spend more, you can increase your storage capacity to 32 and even 64 GB and also gain access to a recovery tool for finding lost files.

You can get the lightning-fast speed that you want while online at a low price with Xtra-PC.

Compact Size
As the Xtra-PC is the same size and shape as a USB flash drive, it goes anywhere you would take a typical USB drive. If you need to work in the computer lab at school, you can plug it into one of the systems. Not only can you safely surf the web and check out any of the sites that you want to visit, but you can save documents and other devices onto the drive for viewing and using at home. Whether you choose a Turbo or Pro model, you can use the device at work too. Xtra-PC has a compact design that lets it fit in your bookbag, purse, briefcase, suitcase or pocket.
Protection from Malware and More
One of the biggest advantages that Linux has over other operating systems is that it can protect your computer from malware and viruses. Do you remember the old Mac vs. PC commercials that aired on television in the 1990s? Despite what Apple claimed, Macs were just as susceptible to viruses as Windows computers were. Linux is the only operating system that has defensive borders in place that protect your computer from viruses. It also ensures that those viruses cannot run as you transfer files to a separate drive or play around on the web. No other OS offers the same level of protection unless you invest in some expensive anti-virus software.
Where Can You Pick Up a Computer Virus?

You’re in danger of getting a computer virus every time that you:

Open an email attachment
Visit a new website
Buy from a sketchy site
Download a new app or game
Convenient Access
Installing anti-virus software is the best way to remove the malware and other dangers hidden in your PC. You can also use programs designed to increase your computer’s processing speed. Most of those programs will require that you delete certain files from your system because those files can reduce your speed. Xtra-PC can do all of the same things without removing a single file. When you run it, you can enter your settings and view all the files saved on your desktop and in other areas. You can open and view the documents you need for work or school, watch video clips that you saved and view photos. Xtra-PC gives you convenient access to all of your files.
Easy to Install
Finding time to download and install Linux on a computer is rough. Xtra-PC gives you access to that OS and lets you install it faster. It looks just like the USB flash drives that you used in the past. You can unplug your game controller and any other accessories that you usually use to free up a USB port. Most computers have ports on one side or the back. Once you insert the drive, your computer should recognize it and let it run. You just need to click a few buttons on the prompts that appear to access Linux and use the tool for extra storage.
What is Ransomware?
Ransomware is a type of malware that can infect your computer and hijack your data. You might see a warning such as the one in the photo below or a message that says you need to do certain things to get your computer back. Most hackers demand gift cards before they will release your system.
1998 and Up
One thing we wanted to note is that Xtra-PC works on all computers made in 1998 or a more recent year. Do you have an old PC from high school or college that still runs Windows 98? You probably haven’t pulled it out in years because you assume that the OS stopped working or that your files are no longer available. While sitting in storage isn’t the best thing for computers, you should still find some data and files on the hard drive. Instead of taking it to an expert and paying to have someone recover that data, you can use Xtra-PC. Any OS made in 1998 or later is compatible with the flash drive tool.
More Privacy
Do you worry about prying eyes seeing what you do online? If you let your roommate or a family member use your computer, they can not only see the sites that you visited but access some of your private data too. This is especially true if you forget to log out of sites. They can view how much money you have in a bank or PayPal account, check out the emails that you sent to a significant other and even see what types of videos you like to watch. Xtra-PC does not use your OS, which means that no one can see what you do when you use the web with this tool.
Get all the storage that you need along with a new OS with the Xtra-PC.
User Interface
With Xtra-PC, you get a simple user interface that appears that first time and every other time that you use it. This interface puts everything that you need on the screen. It initially walks you through the installation process and uses pop-up windows to show you what buttons you need to press to install it on your system. When you use Xtra-PC after installing it, the interface shows up when you load the OS from your USB port. You can then click on a game that you want to play or open a document and edit it before sending the work to your boss.
Streaming Compatibility
Netflix started as a company that let users rent DVDs through the mail. The company changed over the years to focus more on streaming. You can now stream original productions along with hundreds of your favorite shows and films. Netflix lets you store up to 500 titles on your list to watch later. As Xtra-PC is compatible with streaming apps, you can watch those videos without waiting for them to stop buffering and finally load. Not only does this flash drive tool work with Netflix, but it works with other streaming apps such as HBO Go and Max and Hulu and Disney+. You can access and enter those apps while running the OS.

Xtra-PC can put an end to all the buffering problems you encounter with streaming apps.

Cons to Consider

Though you can get a cheap laptop for as little as $300 and bring home a Chromebook for even less, you might spend thousands on a new computer that you plan to use for years. The problem is that every game, app and program that you download and each file that you save will take up valuable hard drive space and make your computer run slow. When you buy products to increase that speed, you want to weigh the pros and cons to make sure that the product doesn’t damage your expensive PC. We found some of the tops cons that you should consider about the Xtra-PC, including:

  • Linux is readily available from other sources and doesn’t cost a cent
  • You must have an available USB port in working condition to use it
  • Some computers will not recognize the flash drive, even if you go into the settings
  • It only works on computers running an OS from 1998 or a more recent version
  • You must be right by the computer to press buttons as it installs
  • Can cause games to shut down, especially Flash games
  • You can get a flash drive for much less and install a copy of Linux on it

Other Reasons to Choose the Competition. 

XtraPC is quite expensive, especially the Pro model You may need to pay to ship the USB drive back to the manufacturer Expedited shipping is available but costs extra It does not include the newest version of Linux Can arrive damaged due to shipping issues

Where to Buy

Buying the Xtra-PC is easy because you can just click here. Not only does this let you save on the retail price of the tool, but you can choose the level or option that works best for you. We recommend the Xtra-PC Turbo 16 for those who want to increase their computer speeds without spending a lot of cash. It costs only $34.99 when you use our link. You can increase your storage space from 16 GB to 32 GB with the Xtra-PC Turbo 32, which sells for $49.99 through this link. If you use a different site to order, you’ll spend as much as $89.99 for the same tool.

When you use this link, you’ll also find the Xtra-PC Pro. This is the top model and usually sells for $159.99 but is now available for only $79.99. It includes free file rescue software that usually costs nearly $100 and gives you free shipping. The Xtra-PC Pro comes with an impressive 64 GB of storage. This might be enough storage to create a full back up of your current computer. You can save $15 to $80 off the original retail price of each tool and get 40% off any additional models that you buy.

Save Money on the Xtra-PC.

Xtra-PC® Turbo 16
Retail $49.99
$34.99 (Save $15)
Xtra-PC® Turbo 16
Retail $89.99
$49.99 (Save $40)
Xtra-PC® Turbo 16
Retail $159.99
$79.99 (Save $80)
FREE U.S Shipping!

Why Invest in Xtra-PC Pro?

Xtra-PC Pro is an advanced version of the basic tool. You get 16 GB of storage with the Xtra-PC 16 and 32 GB of storage with the Xtra-PC 32. Looking at how much storage your computer has can give you an idea of which model is best for you. If you invest in the Xtra-PC Pro, you double the amount of available storage to 64 GB. This gives you room for the photos and videos that you shot at family reunions, birthday parties, kids’ games, vacations and when you spent time with friends.

Another reason to invest in this model is that you get software designed to help you find all types of files. This recovery tool can delve into the folders that you forgot you created and the files that you saved years ago. When you connect your PC to your phone, you might misplace some files because you didn’t save them in the right folder. Once you insert the flash drive, you can access this software from the drive. It can find files that you forgot to name and look for photos and videos too. If you keep losing files and need a quick way to recover them, the Xtra-PC Pro can help.

You can find old and new photos and other files on your PC with the software that comes with the Xtra-PC Pro.

Does Xtra-PC Come with a Warranty?

The makers of Xtra-PC believe that it will meet your needs and help you transform an old PC into a functional tool. When you order one or more of these flash drive tools, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee essentially states that if you are not happy with how Xtra-PC works, you can get your original purchase price back. To qualify for a refund, you need to make sure that you meet specific criteria, including:
  • You never removed the Xtra-PC tool from the original packaging
  • If you did take it out of the original packaging, it’s still in good condition
  • It is no more than 30 days since you made the purchase
  • You bought from an affiliate link or authorized seller
  • You have both the product and the original packaging
Those who purchased a defective tool can also request a refund. This includes damage done to the flash drive during the shipping process and issues with the tool that keep it from working. You can also request a refund if you plugged in the device and couldn’t get it to open. Some had a harder time getting a refund for manufacturing issues than those who returned the Xtra-PC in its original packaging.
How to Use the Money-Back Guarantee
  • Gather the shipping box and original packaging if you removed the tool
  • Find your order number, which you’ll see on the packing slip or receipt
  • Call customer support or send an email to outline your reasons for returning the product
  • Wait for the makers to accept your request
  • Ship the product back and wait for your refund

How Long Does It Take to Get Xtra-PC?

Amazon and other websites offer fast shipping options that can spoil you. When you know that you can get toilet paper, a new DVD or cookware in two days, you expect other companies to ship just as quickly. The makers of Xtra-PC are a small company that does everything by hand. While some shoppers found that they got their flash drive tools in only two business days, others found that it took seven days or longer to get their packages in the mail. It often depends on your location and how far you are from the company. Those living in Alaska and Hawaii might wait weeks to get their packages. Shoppers from other countries may wait even longer.
Keep in mind that your money-back guarantee starts as soon as the package goes through the mail. If it takes longer to get the Xtra-PC, you won’t have as much time to try it out before your guarantee expires. Both the Turbo 16 and Turbo 32 charge shipping and handling fees, but those who buy the Xtra-PC Pro get free shipping. You can add a tracking number to your order too, which lets you go online and enter the number to see the current location of your package.
Do You Need to Pay Any Other Fees?
If you live outside of the United States, you may need to pay customs or duty fees on your purchase. Those in the US do not face any additional fees or taxes.

Are There Other Ways to Speed Up Your Computer?

Xtra-PC is just one tool that can boost your processing speed and speed up your computer. Some of the other ways that you can get the fast speed you want include:

  • Tabs: Most web browsers let you keep multiple tabs open at the same time. Those tabs can crash when they pull more data or use more of your hard drive. You should limit the number of open tabs that you have at any given time.
  • Shut down: Many people leave their computers running 24/7. You might even leave your computer running all the time until you get an alert that you need to restart it to update your OS. Turning your computer off even once a week gives it time to cool down and can increase its processing speed.
  • Delete programs: When you download a new program and only use it once, it will still take up hard drive space, even if you leave it turned off. You can go through your computer and look for apps and programs to delete once a month.
  • Cut back: Bringing up your Task Manager lets you see all currently running programs. You can see what programs slow down the system and which keep running after you thought that you shut them down. The Task Manager gives you the chance to close those programs.
Booting Xtra-PC When the F12 Button Doesn’t Work

The F12 button doesn’t work on all computers to give you access to Xtra-PC. If you shut down your computer and find that this doesn’t work, you can try pressing other buttons, including:

F1, F2, F9, F10, F11, ESC

The Competition

Looking at the competition is an easy way to see how Xtra-PC stacks up to some of the similar products on the market. We had a difficult time finding products that could do everything this little flash drive does. Not only does it function as a backup system, but it also comes with Linux already installed. With the Pro model, you get a file recovery tool that works on any computer or system that can accommodate a USB drive. You can view other flash drives and memory sticks that come with Linux as well as products that can do other tasks.
Linux Mint

Linux Mint is a handy USB tool that comes with different software installed on it. While some software helps you download Linux to a device, other products let you learn how to use the OS. It comes in handy for those who never used Linux before and those who want to pick up tips on how to customize the OS. You also get bit repair software that can look for problems on your system. Though it comes with some additional storage, Linux Mint does not give you as much storage as you get with Xtra-PC as it uses some of that space for the added software.

Linux OS 8 GB USB Flash Drive

Another alternative to the Xtra-PC is the Linux OS 8 GB USB Flash Drive. It comes loaded with a 12.04 Live version of a newer desktop that can completely change the way you feel about your computer. This new desktop gives you easier access to some of the top features of the OS and helps you find everything you need. You can also use the desktop to open a new browser and view files from your computer. As with the Xtra-PC, you get extra storage on a flash drive that works in any USB port. The OS takes up some of that valuable storage space though.


If you need to quickly recover lost documents and other files and want to use a USB drive to find them, the RESQSTICK might be the perfect tool for all your devices. It has a simple design that anyone can use, no matter how much computer experience you have. You simply plug it in, run the software and find files of all types. Not only does this stick work with Microsoft Office documents and similar files, but you can use it to find photos and videos. RESQSTICK works on any computer running a Windows OS from 1998 and up. You cannot use it to store files or use Linux though.

Samsung FIT Plus

Those who have free access to Linux and don’t need the technical support that is available from the makers of Xtra-PC might benefit from a simple USB flash drive such as the Samsung FIT Plus. This model has 128 GB of storage and is available in different models that have 32, 64 or 256 GB of additional storage. You can use it to download and save a copy of Linux that you can then install on your PC. It has a large edge that makes it easy to insert and remove from your computer, but that edge overhangs the sides of the PC and can get in your way.

What We Like About the Xtra-PC

  • It can run on computers made as early as 1998 as well as modern desktops and laptops.
  • Even if you don’t have a lot of computer experience, you can easily install and run the software.
  • You can use the extra storage available on the flash drive to save files or create a system back up.
  • As it comes installed on a flash drive, there aren’t any discs that you need to worry about keeping around.
  • The compact size allows you to install the software on different computers and carry your work with you.
  • It gives you a convenient way to download the Linux OS to a computer.
  • The Xtra-PC Pro includes a file recovery tool that can locate missing data from any PC.
  • You get all the benefits of Linux, including its design that protects you from hackers and other threats.
  • Even inexperienced users can set up Linux in around 10 minutes.
  • Online customers can get discounted prices on all models and qualify for free shipping.
Can I Download New Apps While Running Xtra-PC?

Xtra-PC lets you do the same things with your computer that you would when running a different OS, which means that you can download any app. It lets you download, install and run games too.

Final Verdict

With more people working from home than ever before, they rely on their computers more than they did in the past. A slow computer can do more harm than good. It’s not just that is limits what sites you can visit and how long it takes for a video to load. That slow PC can keep you from sending an important email to a client and getting your bills paid on time to avoid late fees. While you can run anti-virus software, close a few tabs and delete an old game, you might still not get the boost in speed that you want. Xtra-PC turns your computer into an even more important tool in your home because it ramps up the speed so much.
This easy to use tool comes with a copy of the Linux OS already installed. It takes 10 minutes or less to download that OS and start using it, which then lets you customize the extensions and other tools that you use with it. You also get some extra storage and can opt for a model that includes a file recovery tool. With the link on this page, you can get any Xtra-PC USB tool at an affordable price.