How does miso-glazed salmon with edamame brown rice, charred citrus broccoli, and pickled ginger sound for dinner? Pretty good? It’s all the more appealing if this dinner could be cooked, served and ready-to-eat in under 12 minutes. By simply popping this pre-made healthy dinner into a Tovala Smart Oven and scanning the meal-specific bar code, you’ll be eating what the company considers the “easiest and healthiest home cooking you’ve ever had.”

Designed for the Busy Professional

From Italian sausage meatballs with herbed cauliflower rice to baked masala pasta with sweet potatoes, the Tovala Smart Oven pairs with a subscription-based healthy meal plan designed around the busy professional. With an ever-growing list of chef-inspired healthy meal recipes, members have the choice between three single serving meals per week ($36) or three double-servicing meals per week ($72). The best part about the Tovala Smart Oven: you skip the entire meal prep process and still eat healthily.

Tovala’s User-Friendly Process

With each meal falling somewhere between 400-800 calories, Tovala meals “offer the freshness and deliciousness of Blue Apron meals, without any of the prep or user error.” If you love eating healthy but time after work is limited, the Tovala Smart Oven may be a game changer. The zero prep system allows you to enjoy globally-inspired recipes in under 30 minutes – with most meals averaging 15 minutes of cook time. Here is Tovala’s three-step process of making dinner:

Step 1: Pick your meals for the week so they show up at your front door.
Step 2: When you arrive home from work, put the meal in the Smart Oven, scan the barcode, and press start.
Step 3: Plate and enjoy your meal after 15 minutes of cooking.

Intuitive Meal Prep App

So what separates the Tovala Smart Oven and its subscription-based meal plan from the countless Blue Aprons out there? For one, Tovala comes with an intuitive app that puts you in control of your Smart Oven. Whether you want to create your own healthy meal, access chef-inspired healthy meal recipes, or try out different cooking techniques (steam, bake, broil), Tovala is a highly versatile steam oven designed to cook meals perfectly. You decide how much involvement you want to have in the dinner prep process. Tovala also differentiates itself from the competition with its revolutionary barcode scanning system. With a simple smartphone scan, your Smart Oven accesses data from the cloud and follows the chef’s recipe for that specific meal – switching betokening steaming, baking, broiling for the ideal cook. When your meal is done, the Tovala Smart Oven sends an alert to your smartphone letting you know it’s time for dinner.

Time-Tested Cooking Method

Outside of the bar code scanning system and the chef-inspired healthy dinner choices, there’s really nothing too fancy about the cooking process. Mimicking the step-by-step cooking techniques of top chefs, the Tovala Smart Oven strategically switches between steaming, convection baking, and broiling – making your dinner taste like it was cooked in a professional kitchen. With a mission focused on “never compromising between convenience, health, and taste,” Tovala designed an entire meal plan system around clean ingredients without the added work. And if you want to break free from the meal plan subscription, you still have an app that teaches how to use multiple cooking methods.

The Convenience Factor

Delivered weekly to your doorstep in an insulated recyclable box, the three Tovala meals are parceled out nicely between marinated proteins, chopped veggies, and sauces. All you need to do is scan away, press start, and let the Tovala Smart Oven work its magic. The end result is super healthy tasty meal done in about 15 minutes. The Miso-Glazed Salmon dinner, for example, steams at 400-degrees F for 1:30, convection bakes at 400 F for 5:30, then broils at 500 F for 4:15.

Source: Tovala