Let’s face it – no one on the face of the planet enjoys cleaning a toilet. It’s a necessary evil. As one of the most active places in a home, the toilet requires constant cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning a toilet ranks pretty low on people’s to-do list mostly because the process is painstaking. You have to put on gloves, hold your breath, grab a brush and start scrubbing away – hoping to hit every hard-to-reach spot in and around your toilet.

SpinX’s Intelligent Design Features

SpinX Toilet Cleaner, Kickstarter

It’s time for a 21st-century solution for manually scrubbing our toilets once a week. It’s a grim task that no one likes doing. Thankfully, a recent Kickstarter campaign (which was funded in less than 24 hours) has unveiled a solution. Introducing SpinX – the “world’s first toilet cleaning robot.” This fully autonomous toilet bowl and seat cleaner can tackle the toughest stains in just 90 seconds. The patent-pending device retails for $350 but if you’re one of the Kickstarter Early Bird backers, you can get this incredible device sent to your home in July 2018 for $199.

“In your lifetime, you waste about 100 whole days cleaning your toilet.”

With a simple press of a button, this intelligent robot cleaner uses its rotating arm brushes, powerful water jets, and compressed air drying system to seamlessly clean your toilet. Housed inside an elegantly designed “sittable” toilet seat cover, the SpinX control system is two years of smart engineering embedded in an optional lid cover. With the option of using the optional cover or not, the SpinX is durable enough to withstand the pressure of a 330-lb person sitting on top of it.

Innovative Cleaning Technology

SpinX Toilet Cleaner, Kickstarter

To work the SpinX magic, all you would have to do is remove the inner cover, select a program and push a button. In 90-seconds, you will have a spotless toilet. Just like a washing machine, the SpinX incorporates various cycles of cleaning that incorporate sprinklers that clean the set with soap and water, air pressure outlets that dry the seat and an arm with a brush hidden inside a cell. The end result: a sparkling clean toilet seat and bowl without any concern around missed spots.

“The toilet is one of the most active places in residential and industrial areas. It requires constant maintenance, cleanliness, and hygiene.”

What about the soap? You have options. Whether you want to use your favorite toilet cleaner (liquids or tablets) or purchase SpinX tablets, the choice is yours. SpinX is engineered to take just the right amount of soap each cycle. In other words, it doesn’t wast soap. By inserting up to three SpinX tablets into the tank, you have enough soap to last 50 cleaning cycles – making this one of the most economically-sound toilet cleaners when it comes to soap.

Low Battery Consumption

With a single mission to “make toilet cleaning automatic, quicker, and more efficient,” SpinX created a revolutionary robot that “does all of the dirty work.” The SpinX creators designed its device to be eco-friendly – using a low-consumption battery (12V) needing recharging every 30 cleaning cycles. The splash-proof device comes with a charging dock that can be tucked away in any bathroom storage cabinet.

“We came up with the idea of automatic toilet cleaning robot, simply because we are annoyed by cleaning the toilet. We put on gloves, took a brush, soap, and rags, we shut our nose and cleaned the toilet at least twice a week for too many years. That wasn’t really satisfying for us. that’s why we were working very hard all together for about two years, to get the WORLD’S FIRST TOILET-CLEANING ROBOT.”

So why is this a must-have product? First and foremost, “your hands are meant for greatness, not for cleaning toilets,” as SpinX so eloquently put it in their Kickstarter campaign. You have better things to do that scrubbing away at toilet stains. Let an automatic toilet cleaner do the nit and gritty on your behalf. Lastly, this is one elegant optional seat cover. I’m not sure why someone would opt to use their own cover unless it goes with the bathroom decor or it’s a custom design toilet cover.


SpinX Toilet Cleaner, Kickstarter

With that being said, the makers of SpinX warn that their device may not fit on square toilets. It’s best to look at the measurements and installation process before ordering SpinX – in case your toilet is not compatible. For your reference, the installation process involves removing the existing lid/seat, placing mounting plates over the bolt holes, sliding SpinX on, and attaching the supply hose of water and soap.

Source: Kickstarter