The Sonic Soak is one of the most innovative cleaning solutions with great mobility. It has multiple uses and it can be one of the devices which show a direction towards where cleaning can go in the future with the help of technology. It works simply by removing dirt with modulated ultrasonic waves. The device connects to your phone and it even comes with a timer which is recommended for your everyday cleaning. So an example of how the device works is simply by placing a t-shirt into a container with water and soap. The ultrasonic technology then works to remove dirt particles in minutes. The ultrasonic technology then sends unstable air bubbles which are supposed to remove dirt.

Sonic Soak applications

The device can be used on multiple objects. One of its characteristics is its versatility. It is not damaging to any surface and it is why you can wash clothes or other objects such as watches or jewelry with the device. The washing is done at a microscopic level which is great when it comes to thorough cleaning.

It can be done in any location with minimum water. It is why the device was actually invented on the road, with all the challenges this brings to have clean clothes. Unlike similar devices, it is also made with the industrial power to make it clean faster and deeper.

Some people might use it to clean their foods as well. But the device works best when in action for minutes, in water. Washing your essential clothes has never been easier and all that you need to do is to actually connect the device to your phone or to your tablet and the cleaning is done in minutes. In a way, it is a type of small and portable washing machine. But the device is much more than a portable cleaning solution as the ultrasonic technology is able to clean better, getting rid of all the bacteria which would normally build up on clothing.

The process of cavitation is not entirely new. It describes the formation of bubbles or vapor cavities in a liquid. The same process is used for the Sonic Soak which means the device is using ideas which have been previously tested. These bubbles which are formed in the water actually explode, extracting dirt or oil stains from the surface of the objects such as textiles. The device is capable to deep wash clothing and other sobjects such as watches.

Sonic Soak limitations

With a technology which is not revolutionary but which is polished into a much more reliable product, Sonic Soak can be one of the solutions to wash clothing and other objects on the go. However, its reliability cannot be compared to the one of a washing machine. For example, if you have deep food stains on the clothing, you cannot expect the items to be fully clean due to the limited power of the device and to the fact that the object is stationary, compared to the rotary system of a washing machine.

At the same time, it is also recommended not to see the device as a permanent solution for cleaning household items. It has a limited capacity and a small size for cavitation which makes it a solution to use on the go. So for example, if you are away on holiday or if you leave home for the weekend, the device can be a good solution to remove mild dirt and dust particles from your limited clothing items you bring with you and which need to be cleaned.

Top reasons to get your own Sonic Soak

The Sonic Soak is highly portable and a good solution to use on the go. It is also easy to control through its digital display. The device can be powered by your smartphone and this makes it easy to use wherever you need it to clean. With a design which uses a simple controller with just 3 buttons, it offers a straightforward user experience.

But the Sonic Soak is also lightweight. You can pack it with you when you leave on holiday by plane, without having to worry about paying extra for your luggage. At the same time, the device can be used in different containers with water such as a sink, a bucket or even a glass if you are cleaning smaller objects. It is why it works great for the ultimate cleanliness while on the go.