If you’re an avid scuba diver or simply love to snorkel, you know that an underwater adventure is limited by your ability to swim with fins. Just imagine how much more you could get out of a coral reef dive if you were propelled by a sea scooter. From the industry-leader in watercraft technology, SEA-DOO has designed its all-new SEASCOOTER PRO – a personal propeller that is described as a “snorkeler’s dream.”

SEA-DOO Performance

SEA-DOO SEASCOOTER PROThe company that pioneered the Dolphin and Aqua Ranger sea scooters has decided to step it up a notch. The SEASCOOTER PRO is capable of bringing the adventure down to a max depth of 65 feet compared to Aqua Ranger’s 30 feet. With a max speed of 2 mph and a 70-110 minute run time in open water, you can explore than sunken ship in the Caribbean at a nice leisurely pace without spending too much energy.

Equipped with a built-in buoyancy regulation, the super lightweight SEASCOOTER PRO weighs in at only 13 lbs (with battery) and is designed for maximum comfort underwater. Its ergonomic features allow for a seamless pulling experience – riders can hold onto the SEASCOOTER with one hand as it guides you to the next point of interest. If you need some navigational support, the nose cone can accommodate a compass or a depth gauge.

Intelligent Design

Sea-Doo, SeascooterThe SEASCOOTER PRO has a sleek, compact design and measures only 17.25 x 15.47 x 26.57 inches (WHD). This highly portable underwater scooter propeller comes with a full suite of safety features that include low battery voltage, over current, and high-temperature protection. In other words, the SEASCOOTER PRO has a waterproof circuitry protecting its electronic components from the rigors of propelling a rider through the ocean. Other safety features include an audible alert in case of water ingress, a safety lock/auto shut-off button, a protective safety grille, and two “O” rings that prevent flooding.


Powering the SEA-DOO PRO is a Class 3 Lithium-ion 22v battery that can be easily accessed via the scooter’s quick release latches. If there is a “needs improvement” area, it would be in the battery capacity department. Not powerful enough to pull multiple people and only having one hour of runtime puts SEA-DOO’s SEASCOOTER in the category of low-end scuba scooter. For serious scuba divers, you probably want a bit more power. But for entry-level snorkelers or parents that want their children to stay within certain depths, this is the perfect sea scooter. Another bonus: battery replacements on cost $30.

The Bottom Line

The ergonomically-designed SEA-DOO SEASCOOTER PRO is an upgrade from its Dolphin and Aqua Ranger predecessors and is perfect for the newbie scuba diver or seasoned snorkeler that wants to expand their adventures down to 65 feet. Equipped with a full arsenal of water safety features, SEA-DOO made sure that its personal propeller comes with super-durable components capable of handling even the most turbulent water conditions. If you want a bit more speed (above 2 mph) and a longer lasting underwater experience (more than 110 minutes), you may want to look for a sea scooter with a bit more battery power.

Source: SEA-DOO