The company that brought you Rhinowolf tents are at it again with RhinoWolf 2.0.  RhinoWolf 2.0 is an ultra compact travel system with a unique trick.  The tents come provided with an air mattress and sleeping bag all rolled up into a single small bag for the ultimate in compact travel. The unique trick?  Well, these single man tents can be chained together to create as large a tent as you desire.

The tents have a simple one pole frame design that makes set up a pinch.  The width poles and pegs are integrated into the tent to provide stability without any additional setup steps.

Perfect for multiday hiking, camping from a motorcycle or trying to save space in general.  Your entire home away from home is neatly packaged into a single bag.  Air mattress and sleeping bag included.

The makers of the first RhinoWolf said they used their customer’s feedback in their quest to improve their already impressive product.

Available in a variety of colors with down or vegan bedding. Find them on

Courtesy RhinoWolf