If you’re a frequent traveler, you know the importance of good carry-on luggage. The one that can easily fit in the overhead compartments, is super-durable, packs a ton of stuff, and is TSA-compliant. Connected luggage startup Raden designed a carry-on that strikes the perfect balance between functionality and smart technology. Introducing the A22 – a state-of-the-art 22″ carry-on that is perfect for the weekend getaway.

Raden’s Intelligent Design Features

With no visible pockets or compartments anywhere on its super-strong polycarbonate casing, Raden wanted to take a minimalistic approach to its A22/A28 luggage series. Two strategically placed USB ports connect to the built-in 7,800mAh battery – providing up to 4x full phone charges. You will never find yourself hanging out in an overcrowded airport charging station rekindle the life in your smart devices before your final destination. You’ve got your own source of power.

The super-light A22 weighs only 8.4 lbs (empty) and with an interior volume of 35L/2136 cubic inches, travelers need to be precision-packers if the trip is over three days. But what do you expect from a carry-on? You have the luxury of skipping a check-in line and keeping your belongings with you at all times. If you need more room, Raden offers the full-size A28 check-in suitcase that has all of the smart technology housed in the A22 – just more space for longer trips.

Smart Luggage Technology

Equipped with a built-in scale that sends the weight of your carry-on to an intuitive iOS/Android-compatible app, you’ll never get have to guess if you’re over the TSA limit – even though most airlines don’t have restrictions about carry-on weight. This is more beneficial if you purchase the combo package of both the A22 and the A28 full-size suitcase – where knowing the weight restrictions of your check-in luggage is crucial. No one likes additional charges right before a flight.


Although listed as one of their prominent features, Raden’s proximity tracking technology is a bit behind the smart luggage industry, in my opinion. Without built-in GPS technology, travelers looking for their lost carry-on have to rely on other Raden suitcase carriers to activate the Bluetooth technology – sending a message to your smartphone once their luggage comes by your lost A22 carry-on. Getting a real-time notification on the location of your luggage hinges solely on someone with the similar luggage getting close to your lost carry-on. Sure, that would be fine if Raden was a household name in smart luggage, but they’re still in their startup phase. They obviously have high hopes for their product.


The 22 x 14 x 9″ A22 is one tough carry-on. Don’t let Raden’s minimalistic design approach fool you. According to an Engadget interview with CEO Josh Udashkin, “The team was careful not to overload travelers with connected features, preferring to let technology act as a “lure” for an otherwise stylish, well-built bag.” From its double-spinning Japanese wheels with 360-degree maneuverability to its waterproof reverse zipper lining, ever detail has been put into designing a rugged travel companion conditioned to take some abuse.

Bottom Line

Priced at $295, the TSA-approved A22 by Raden is a super stylish carry-on that’s a great companion for your smart devices. If you need a rugged smart suitcase for a quick three-day business trip, this a solid buy. But if you’re bent on knowing where your belongings are at all times and losing your luggage is detrimental to your existence, you may want to look for a carry-on with built-in GPS.

Source: Raden, Engadget