I can guarantee one thing: you have never seen anything like this before. The Quadrofoil Q2 is a futuristic-looking electric watercraft that lands somewhere between Jet Ski on steroids and supped-up catamaran. Priced right around $33K, the Q2 has been described as “pure art on water” and according to Quadrofoil, has “Go-Kart-like agility.”

Quadrofoil’s Advanced Technology

Quadrofoil Q2Equipped with advanced hydrofoil technology, the Q2 has a turn radius of 23 feet (7 meters) and can reach speeds up to 24.85 mph (40 km/h). The real magic of the Q2 watercraft is in its C-shaped hydrofoils – allowing users to enjoy an above-the-water flying experience just over 6.5 knots. Seamlessly cutting through the waves, this incredible piece of technology is perfect for lakes, rivers, the ocean, eco-zones and nature reserves, and water canals.

Available in two models (Q2A Electric and Q2S Electric), consumers have the option of a 3.7Kw outboard motor or the more sporty 5.5Kw motor. In development for over four years, the Quadrofoil Q2 is made out of lightweight, corrosive-resistant aluminum alloy and is engineered for optimal performance on any water surface. From its wave-piercing, trimaran-shaped hydro-aerodynamic hull to its high-end ergonomic cockpit, Q2 passengers have the ultimate speed boat experience without feeling the choppiness of the water.

Intelligent Design Features

Quadrofoil Q2The Q2 comes with arguably one of the coolest features available in any high-end watercraft: A Formula 1 inspired, detachable steering wheel that makes carving through the water a seamless experience. With the maneuverability of trimaran speed boats, the Q2 has a turn radius of 23 feet (7 meters) while holding the line perfectly. On the face of the steering wheel is a color touchscreen display that is your command center for both Q2’s real-time trip information and diagnostic data. The steering wheel acts as the Quadrofoil’s locking mechanism – allowing only you to start the watercraft – yet another innovative design feature.

Considered to be the “most agile and responsive watercraft’s available today,” the simple act of pushing the “Foils down button” translates into one of the most exhilarating boating experiences one can imagine. Drivers have the luxury of simultaneously controlling all four foils while taking advantage of a super silent riding thanks to its electric motor system. Capable of fully recharging itself in three to four hours, the Q2A/Q2S Electric motors are managed by an intuitive Battery Management System (BMS) that monitors each cell’s performance.

Easy-to-Use, Easy-to-Store

Quadrofoil Q2Bringing your Quadrofoil Q2 to shore means lifting and lowering the hydrofoils using the interactive steering wheel display. With all four hydrofoils, the electric motor, and the hull easily detachable, you have the option of storing the key parts of the Q2 during the offseason without a huge undertaking. Owners also have the option of Quadrofoil trailers made specifically for the Q2. There’s also an inflatable dock designed specifically for the Q2 – in case you want to start building a fleet of high-performance watercrafts.

Bottom Line

Quadrofoil Q2If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, dead silent, electric watercraft that performs like a dream above the water’s surface, look no further than the Quadrofoil Q2. With a feeling that’s similar to “flying above the water” and equipped with a racecar-like steering wheel, you’ll have full control of the Q2 without having to overcompensate for drifting. Opening up the Q2 means slalom-like hairpin carving in the open water.
Source: Quadrofoil