With already close to $2 million raised from its Kickstarter campaign, POLAR SEAL has created a revolutionary smart shirt that heats up with a press of a button. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts and athletes alike, the super lightweight PolarSeal top gives both women and men up to eight hours of continuous heat throughout the day.

Intelligent Design Features

Polarseal heated topsEquipped with two heating zones, wearers have the luxury of activating the different section of the PolarSeal top, whether it’s the lower back, upper back, or both at the same time. Giving wearers complete control over their heated top, POLAR SEAL designed a color-coded heating zone button – making the transition from heating zones a seamless process.

Whether it’s a passerby storm hitting you while hitting the slopes or a sudden change in temps while hiking your favorite trail, the PolarSeal top keeps you warm when you’re feeling chilly. Without needing to carry extra layers to the ballpark during fall baseball, the PolarSeal top is super lightweight, made of flexible materials, and is designed for breathability. Available in both men’s and women’s sizes, POLAR SEAL designed its second-generation athletic top to be both fashionable and highly functional.

PolarSeal Technology

With three different heating levels (low: 104-degrees Fahrenheit, medium: 113-degrees, and high: 122-degrees), wearers can control their comfort level by simply selecting from three color-coded LED buttons. You’ll always know your chosen heating level whether you’re battling a blizzard or sitting through a rainstorm. The LED buttons illuminate nicely allowing for seamless adjustment between varying temps.

Powering the day-long heated shirt is a highly-versatile 10,000 mAh battery pack providing eight hours of continuous warmth (with both heating zones activated and on the highest heating level). POLAR SEAL engineered its heated top to work with a host of USB power banks – making its shirt one of the most compatible smart shirts on the market today. Wearers have complete control over their power source and don’t need to rely on one particular energy bank.


Taking only 10 seconds to activate, the heat-on-demand top by POLAR SEAL is intelligently designed with state-of-the-art heating technology. According to the company’s Kickstarter campaign, the PolarSeal heating elements are strategically embedded between two ultra-thin dissipation layers – integrating seamlessly into the fabric of the shirt. The end result: a super lightweight, flexible, breathable, and water-resistant wearable that keeps even the cold-blooded toasty during the winter months.

Whether it’s mountain biking down your favorite trail on a crisp fall morning or finishing your company’s corporate 5K run on a rainy afternoon, the PolarSeal top is a water-resistant top designed for durability. The detergent-safe heated shirt has been tested in extreme alpine conditions in and around Mammoth Valley in California.

Highly Durable

PolarsealStitched with shock-proof buttons and fully operable while wearing gloves, the PolarSeal top can be adjusted without taking off layers. Wearers can adjust heating zones while riding on the chairlift or mid-hike up on their favorite hiking trail. For the adventure sports enthusiasts or the outdoor adventurer, POLAR SEAL’s top is made of 92% polyester and 8% elastane – striking the perfect balance between warmth, comfort, and flexibility.

Following the athleisure trend, the PolarSeal heated smart shirt is poised to disrupt the wearable industry. The outdoor apparel industry now has a top that keeps the athlete outdoors no matter how cold it gets or how rainy it becomes. Both men and women have the full spectrum of sizes designed to be both flexible and form fitting.

Source: POLAR SEAL, Kickstarter