Imagine being able to rest your iPhone about a foot away from a wireless charging device and by doing so, get all the needed juice to re-charge your battery. Nowadays, there’s really no wireless charging device that doesn’t require resting your smartphone on either a mat or disc. That is, until now. Introducing the Pi Charger – a wireless cone that can handle charging up to four devices at once by simply resting the devices near the technology.

Intelligent Design Features

Pi Wireless Charger

With the hopes of making a “true” wireless experience, Pi has designed mat-free top-ups that stay within range of its cone-shaped wireless charging station. Powered by resonant induction technology, the Pi Charger is compatible with standard Qi chargers – the same tech housed in Apple’s latest iPhones – how convenient. The timing could not be any better for Pi and its eventual release of its wireless charging device.

“Pi has made a major step forward in solving the greatest issue facing consumer electronics.”

Capable of supporting up to four devices at once is revolutionary in itself. Add the fact that your phones/laptops are fully functional while re-charging, you have yourself a truly powerful innovation. Providing power to smartphones and laptops at a distance of 12 inches away will allow the freedom of mobility like never before – allowing users to continue with their day-to-day while getting a much-needed charge.

Cutting-edge Wireless Technology

Pi Wireless Charger

So what makes the Pi Charger a truly groundbreaking device? Simply stated, it’s the technology. Equipped with a beam-forming algorithm that projects magnetic fields around the device, Pi allows iPhone owners the ease of simply dropping their phone within 12 inches from the magnetic field. The only requirement: it has to be a Qi-compatible phone or tablet (just like the new Apple iPhones). Thankfully, Pi does offer a power case armed with a resonant receiver that does the trick. It’s compatible with other devices and it’s designed to pick up the magnetic charging field.

“Our patented power platform allows Pi to change the angle of a magnetic field to perfectly match the angle of your device – no more charging pads.”

The wireless charging station concept is nothing new to the electronics industry. The only problem is that it has yet to escape the research lab. Disney has developed a wireless room that charges up to 320 devices and North Carolina State University researchers have recently revealed a groundbreaking study on integrated high-speed data and wireless power transfer. Unfortunately, moving the technology from research lab to legitimate consumer product has proven to be challenging. Apple has taken it a step further by introducing its own bespoke AirPower wireless charging station but it comes with a mat – which requires devices to make contact. Another drawback – the devices all have to be Apple-made. This is why the Pi Charger has a leg up on the AirPower.

The Convenience Factor

Pi Wireless Charger

With features that include charging at any angle, multiple device charging, and 10 watts of power per device, It’s easy to see why wireless charging is the next-best-thing in consumer electronics. The convenience-factor of “just getting close” to a charging device is top notch. Just imagine being able to walk into a coffee shop and know that your laptop was being charged up while you sip on a chai latte. Or a quick visit over to a friend’s house means you leave with a fully charged iPhone.

With full room charging capabilities in development, we’ll have to rely on devices like the Pi Charger. With an estimated ship date scheduled for “sometime in 2018,” the Pi Wireless Charging device is poised to revolutionize a consumer electronics industry just dying to integrate “the world’s first magnetic field-shaping algorithm into our daily lives.

Source: Pi Charger, New Atlas