According to AAA, you can save up to 11-cents per gallon with properly inflated tires. Monitoring your tire pressure is not just friendly on the wallet, it could also safeguard your loved ones from an accident on the highway. With slow pressure leaks extremely difficult to detect, Nonda – a Silicon Valley-based smart hardware startup – created the ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor – to improve driving safety.

Nonda’s Proprietary Technology

Considered to be “the first true tire monitor made specifically to monitor slow leaks,” ZUS is a no-brainer car accessory for every car or truck owner. From running over a nail while driving through a construction site to erratic changes in temperature, the ZUS monitor pings your smartphone at the first sign of air escaping your tire.

With small holes super difficult to detect, Nonda estimates around 0.1 percent PSI per hour escaping your tire after running the initial puncture. The ZUS smart app keeps an eye on tire pressure caused by temperature and uses an intuitive algorithm to normalize the pressure fluctuation – ensuring you get accurate readings and not false alarms. This state-of-the-art proprietary technology is called AccurateTemp and is the magic behind the ZUS smart tire monitor.

Intelligent Design

Equipping each rider with four Bluetooth-connected pressure and temperature sensors (one for each tire), the ZUS smart monitor is a user-friendly system that can be installed in under 10 minutes. Attaching to the tire valves, each sensor transmits data to the in-car receiver, which then speaks directly to your iOS/Android-compatible smartphone app. Users are able to view individual tire pressures (as PSI, kPA, Bar) and temperature history directly from your smartphone. Designed to catch a leak before it becomes a serious problem at an opportune time, the in-car receiver blinks and sounds an alarm whenever there’s a pressure issue.


The ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor is the perfect travel companion. With a three step installation process (plug in the receiver, pair with the app, and then fastening the sensors), you can seamlessly switch ZUS from your car to a rental car overseas. Accompanying your order is a set of four locking nuts – keeping your sensors safe from strangers stealing them off your tires.

With an Indiegogo campaign that has already raised more than $350,000, ZUS smart tire is poised to have a widespread impact on the automotive industry coming this August (2017). Whether you want to ensure driving safety during your next family vacation or simply want to improve gas mileage to and from work, there’s plenty of reason to make the ZUS Smart Tire Monitor a priority purchase this year.

About Nonda

Nonda, a smart hardware startup based in Silicon Valley, is on a mission to provide app-enabled devices to improve the lives of people everywhere, including those of car drivers around the world. They’ve previously delivered the ZUS Smart Car Charger and ZUS Super Duty Cable on time right on Indiegogo and plan to do the same with the ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor.

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