Nix Sensor Ltd, the Canadian technology company who develops the world’s leading tools for color measurement, has created a ping pong sized scanning device that instantly matches to 10,000+ paint brands. Users simply scan the color from any surface, save it to their smartphone, and the Nix Mini Paint app matches it to the library of paint colors. It’s as easy as that.

Nix Mini’s Intelligent Design Features

Nix MiniThe highly portable Nix Mini fits on your keychain and is job site friendly whether you’re an interior designer, painter, or homeowner. Designed to “revolutionize the color delivery process,” the Nix Mini instantly matches your paint scan to leading brands such as Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. All you need to do is grab the paint code and head down to the nearest paint store. Oh, by the way, the app gives you a list of nearby stores in case you weren’t familiar with the area.
Compatible Color Measurements

Nix MiniBy opening the iOS/Android compatible app, users can match to RGB, HTML, CMYK, and LAB colors – integrating real world colors with your digital world. With quality assurance in mind, Nix Sensor equipped its color measuring tool with CRI white LED’s – keeping a consistent light source for each color scan. Backed by a powerful rechargeable battery, users can take over 5,000 scans without needing a replacement – making this one of the smallest, yet durable color measuring devices on the market.

Standing at 1.5″ x 1.0″, the Nix Mini is pretty small in stature but since it’s engineered with solid state technology, it can take a licking and still capture super-accurate color measurements. Whether you want to replicate the colors of painted walls, vinyl, leather, plastic, fabric, or dyes, building a library of your favorite color pallets is simply a matter of scanning and saving to the Nix Paint app. If you carry the Nix Mini on your keychain, you’ll soon have an inventory of your favorite color swatches all conveniently located on your smartphone app.

User-Friendly App

Nix Mini Color SensorCapable of providing instant color comparisons, Nix’s revolutionary scanning technology produces never-seen-before blends perfect for users torn between colors. According to Nix Sensor, “it helps solve the toughest of color problems by offering professionals an accurate, objective, and cutting-edge solution to the age-old problem of ‘what color is that?'” The convenience of an in-app paint software takes the guess work out of color measurements, leaving the human error out of the color matching process.
Bottom Line

The Nix Mini is a handheld tool designed for both the professional and the homeowner. The user-friendly device is super lightweight – making it a highly mobile tool for scanning your favorite colors on the go. The iOS/Android compatible app allows for seamless sharing of your favorite color palettes with either clients or friends via social media or by e-mail. Whether you want to use RGB color data for your digital creations or save your favorite swatch colors for the next interior painting job, the Nix Paint app is your central portal for matching colors.

Source: Nix Sensor