The all-new transformable metallic 3D printer from Mooz is designed for ultimate precision at an incredibly affordable price. Whether you’re a DIY’er or professional designer, you have the luxury of a modular printer that offers CNC Carving, Laser Engraving, and 3D Printing without the hefty price tag. If the mission is to make printing available to everyone, Mooz has accomplished its goals.

Industrial-Grade 3D Printing Design

Mooz 3D Printer

With already $255,806 raised from its Kickstarter campaign, Mooz is an action-packed 3D printer that comes equipped with industrial-grade components. Armed with interchangeable heads, the Mooz 3D printer supports PLA, ABS, PC, and FLEX materials – making this your one-stop-industrial-shop for all types of printing projects. Designers never have to worry about working with plastic gears or fragile parts. The Mooz 3D printer stands on a super-sturdy frame system supporting a 130 x 130 x 130 mm build volume.

“We designed a new type of linear module, which can be used in any of x, y, z-direction and performs high precision linear motion.”

Capable of precision printing of 0.02mm, the Mooz transforms any design into a super accurate masterpiece. Whether its color-mixing printing logos or CNC carving artwork, designers have a powerful 3D printer that satisfies all the important performance metrics: stability, durability, precision, and accuracy. With a 50-100 micron laser engraver at your disposal and CNC carving with an adjustable depth of 0-5mm, DIY’er are only limited by their imagination.

The Mooz 3D Printer Technology

Mooz 3D Printer

Once your design is complete, Mooz comes with a highly-intuitive drag n’ drop software program transforming your concepts into physical form. Compatible with Cora, slicer, and Printron software programs, Mooz allows you to seamlessly create 3D objects, whether it’s simply printing logos on corks or laser engraving food items.

“With a control precision up to 0.005mm, the industrial-grade stepper motor is highly-accurate – a crucial factor for 3D printing.”

So what differentiates the Mooz 3D printer from the competition? Outside of the incredibly affordable price, Mooz comes with state-of-the-art industrial-grade components supporting its incredibly precise printing platform. The linear guideway, for example, allows minimal vibrations during the printing process. With a linear parallelism only 0.01mm/100mm, there is literally no shaking while the 3D object is being created. According to Kickstarter, “When the slide block on the Guideway moves 100mm, the parallel deviation is barely 0.01mm.”

Modular Design Features

Mooz 3D Printer

“The single-axis slide of MOOZ delivers extremely high precision. The all-metal design ensures you get a high-quality masterpiece and reliable 3D printing experiences!”

Designed to easily transition into three different forms and equipped with a full suite of interchangeable filaments, the Mooz 3D printer caters to all different types of projects. Printers that are engineered for quality are usually easy to assemble. With setup taking only 10 minutes, the same goes for the Mooz 3D printer. The printer also comes with a complimentary laster protective shield box and a pair of safety glasses – keeping designers safe from making contact with the device during operation.

The Mooz 3D printer is available for pre-order now and is estimated to ship this December (2017).

Source: Kickstarter