If you’re in the market for a high-quality affordable desk designed to hold all of your devices while also having a cable solution, look no further than the Modulos modular work station. Made from super-sturdy Croatian hardwood, Modulos gives you the ultimate freedom to change your work space without needing to purchase a new desk. Simply grow your work station as you see fit and add modules for personalization.

Intelligent Design Features

Modulos desk

With a single module weighing only 7.7 pounds and measuring 13.8 x 13.8 inches, users have the option of customizing their desk configuration to fit into any space. Simply stated, Modulos “reimagines the concept of the desk surface.” Engineered to adapt to advancing technology, the Modulos is the perfect combination of high-quality materials and modern design concepts. Here is a sampling of some of the different module choices:

Cabling Hole Module – designed to hide the cable mess that goes through the top of your work surface.
iPad/iPhone Dock – a groove that strategically fits your devices with a center hole for cabling and allows you to rotate your device. This is perfect for using your iPad with a second screen.
The USB Hub Module – the integrated USB hub which includes a quality Sorbent USB 3.0.
The Wireless Charger Module – includes an Ikea wireless charging pad neatly engraved into the surface of the desk.

Modulos Modular Technology

Modulos desk

Whether you want to create a corner desk, sit across from a colleague, or stick to a Croatian wood theme in your living room, you can easily transform Modulus. You can even use a module as a coffee table. The creation of the perfect desk is only limited by your imagination. As described in its Kickstarter campaign, “the Modulos combines a modern utilitarian paradigm with the beauty and quality of real hard wood materials.”

The choice to use Croatian wood surfaces was a simple one. CEO and founder Matej wanted to incorporate materials known for their high quality and endurance. With the goal to mix-match difference modules throughout the different stages of life, they needed a super durable desk capable of holding your computer, iPad, and iPhone. It also needed to survive being broken down, put in the trunk of cars, and reassembled during moves to different apartments. This also made the Modulos one of the most eco-friendly modular desks hitting the market.

“The Modulos is a reusable eco-friendly approach to furniture.”

Sustainable Approach to Furniture Design

Modulos desk

With the option of purchasing additional wooden desk top modules, there’s really no need to replace an entire desk – just the parts that need replacing. If you want to expand to a larger desk, just add another module to the mix. Transforming your rectangular desk into a corner desk is just ordering and additional Modulos module. The Modulos is “a truly sustainable approach to furniture design.”

Modulos is the brainchild of generations of carpenters. With each module connected to one another on any side by a combination of wooden/metal pins and high-quality connection screws, Modulos owners have an incredibly sturdy, fully-customizable, high-quality desk that can easily be assembled/disassembled. The standard 8-module set up measures 55.2 x 26.6 inches (140 x 70 cm) and is available for an early bird special price of $999.


Modulus has plans to incorporate a state-of-the-art web application which allows users to drag n’ drop different surface configurations – making the customization process all the more user-friendly. This technology is in the pipeline and it relies on 3D printing technology to create the various workstation setups. The Modulos is estimated to ship to backers in November (2017).

Source: Modulosdesk, Kickstarter