If you’re an aquarium hobbyist and want to upgrade the entertainment value of your fish tank, the MOAI cleaning robot is an incredible purchase. Capable of cleaning your aquarium while capturing real-time streaming video of all the underwater action, the MOAI Robot gives you complete control of your fish tank whether you’re home or at work. You’ll never miss what’s going on in your fish tank.

Easy Setup

MOAI Robot

With a mission to make every aquarium connected, MOAI – a Silicon Valley startup – wants to “enhance the natural beauty of everyone’s aquarium even amidst their hectic urban lifestyle.” By simply connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi network, you instantly have access to an intuitive aquarium app that allows you to schedule cleanings and experience real-time wide-angle HD-quality shots of your tank.

With setup taking only minutes, the MOAI Robot comes equipped with state-of-the-art AquaNavi ultrasound technology – so it knows its exact location inside the aquarium at all times and where it has cleaned. Suitable for both fresh and salt water tanks, the aquarium robot is a highly versatile device that comes with a charging dock, an LED indicator with capacitive touch, a high-density Velcro cleaning pad, and an AquaView wide-angle camera. The MOAI Robot will go back to its home base to re-dock after the cleaning job is finished.

Intelligent Design Features

Capable of navigating your tank within a 200 cm range, the MOAI Robot has the ability to capture time lapse shots, can explore your tank on auto cruise, can zoom into your fish with its close-up view, and can shoot wide-angle HD images of all your tank’s underwater adventures. The MOAI Robot gives aquarium hobbyist an entirely new appreciation of their aquascape from anywhere in the world by simply opening up their smartphone app.

If your friends are just as enthusiastic about their aquarium environment, you can easily share all the live streaming action via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube. With just one click, you can create a community of aquarium lovers and explore the underwater worlds of different tanks from across the world.

MOAI Technology

Outside of experiencing your aquarium from the perspective of being inside the tank, the MOAI robot also has a pretty important job to do: clean your aquarium. Armed with adaptive mapping technology, MOAI is able to prevent algae from building up on the aquarium glass. Keeping your tank clean and healthy is as easy as setting a schedule inside the app. Using its ultrasound sensors, MOAI will map its way around the aquarium keeping your free from the time-consuming task of cleaning your fish tank. You can set the cleaning area (an underwater geofence) above the sand bed with the mobile app to prevent any navigational problems.

The Difference Maker

So what makes the MOAI cleaning robot a must-have purchase for all aquarium owners? For one, it takes care of the biggest problem people have with owning fish tanks: keeping them clean. Not only is it dangerous for the creatures swimming around your tank to be taken out of the comforts of their environment, it’s a rather labor intensive process. Secondly, if you want to experience close ups shots or live streaming video of your aquarium, the MOAI robot gives you a captivating image from the angle of a fellow fish living amongst other underwater creatures.

With a Kickstarter campaign that has already raised $44,000 of the company’s $30K goal, aquarium hobbyists are on the verge of upgrading their tanks with a truly remarkable device. MOAI is scheduled to ship June of 2018.

Source: MOAI