The receiver of this year’s Best of Innovation Award at CES2017, the much-anticipated arrival of the Signature OLED “Picture-on-Wall” Smart TV by LG is finally here. Now available in the United States, the $19,999 OLED TV is only 0.23 inches thick and weighs just 27.1 lbs. Equipped with an impressive 4K (3840 x 2160) picture resolution and powered by state-of-the-art OLED HDR technology, LG’s newest 77″ flat screen is poised to revolutionize home entertainment.

LG’s Intelligent Design Features

Available in both 77″ and 65″ screen sizes, LG’s W7 series is “designed for those who recognize the value of truly premium audio.” With two up-firing speakers housed in a super-sleek, ultra-slim speaker bar with Dolby Atmos – LG engineered an all-in-one entertainment system that mounts flush on any wall. As the AV controller for the TV, users can connect the 4.2 channel speaker bar to the TV with the included ribbon cable – giving you access to an assortment of connectivity ports.

Incredible Picture Quality

The real magic of LG’s OLED Smart TV is in its self-lighting pixel technology. Using organic light-emitting diodes that glow when an electric current is introduced, LG’s super thin smart TV displays a picture that is 4x’s the resolution of Full HD. Backed by LG OLED technology capable of producing a billion + lush colors, viewers are treated to superior color reproduction, unparalleled realism, improved black levels, and 120Hz refresh rates that minimize motion blur.

From incredibly brilliant brights to the deepest of darks, the contrast between ultra-rich colors is prominent – making the transition from one scene to the next incredibly smooth. With the option of choosing between HDR10 and Dolby Vision content, you’ll be able to experience a blockbuster the way the filmmaker intended it – vibrant colors and infinite contrast ratio.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Making LG’s Smart TV even more incredible, is a three-dimension Harman Kardon ULTRA surround sound system – adding a top-of-the-line audio technology to and already impressive visual display. Producing “convincingly real soundscapes,” the up-firing speakers has the football fan feeling like they’re in the middle of the huddle listening to the play call from their favorite quarterback.
The LG OLED comes with a magic remote controlled with natural voice recognition – giving users access to smart TV functions through LG’s webOS 3.5 intuitive platform.

The Difference Maker

So what makes LG’s “Picture-on-Wall” OLED W7 Series one of the most disruptive smart TV’s hitting the market in the U.S.? Three things, really: One, LG’s Ultra Luminance Technology boosts brightness levels and black-level performance industry leading levels. They are officially the front-runners in smart TV HDR technology. Two, LG’s OLED TV has been branded with the Ultra HD Premium certification – giving them one of the highest honors with regard to picture quality. And finally, LG OLED TV’s support both HDR10 and Dolby Vision content – making this one of the only high dynamic range TV’s that does so.

Bottom Line

If you have the dough, love the minimalist “Picture-on-Wall” design, and want to have the best flat screen on the block, look no further than The LG Signature OLED HDR Smart TV. You will instantly make your home THE place to be for movie nights, high-profile sporting events, and serious gaming. The only problem is: you will never want to watch a new release anywhere except at your place.

Source: LG