We all know the feeling of jumping into a car that’s been baking out in the sun all afternoon. You’re instantly dripping with sweat and you can barely breathe until you crack open a window. On the super humid days, relief doesn’t come until the AC kicks on full blast. There’s a solution to this and it comes in the form of an automatic car tent. Introducing Lanmodo – the wirelessly controlled smart car cover that transforms into a beach umbrella, a LED camping tent, or a fishing canopy.

Intelligent Design Features

This all-in-one car tent takes only 8 seconds to deploy/retract and is capable of cooling your car down by 36-degrees Celsius. With one full charge lasting approximately 45 days of continuous use, the Lanmodo is one of the most durable car protectors on the market today. Whether it’s rain, sleet, hail, snow, winds up to 29 mph – you name it – the Lanmodo tent comes with a weatherproof canvas protecting your car from all of the elements.

User Friendly

With installation only taking 30 seconds, the Lanmodo is designed for the mechanically-challenged. Measuring 3.5 x 2.1 meters, the automatic tent is designed for all vehicles types (sedans, pickups, SUV, Jeep, Mini’s) and since it’s highly portable, you can take it anywhere. Made with soft suction cups and super waterproof material, the Lanmodo is designed to fasten nicely to your car all while protecting it from bird droppings, dirt, leaves, sticks, construction site dust, etc.

Lanmodo’s Anti-Theft Feature

The opening and closing of your car tent can only be done via its wireless companion remote – making it virtually impossible to steal. It’s also strapped down by four strategically placed anti-theft belts – giving the owner an added layer of security. You can also personalize your Lanmodo with a specific logo, by selecting from various color schemes, or even brand it with a company advertisement.

Compatible & Versatile

So what makes the Lanmodo worth the $269 price tag? For one, this is not just an automatic car tent. This wirelessly controlled canopy can seamlessly morph into an automatic beach/yard umbrella – providing shelter to your family during the next outing. As a fishing tent, you can protect the crew from the dog days of summer or illuminate the local casting spot by simply connecting LED lights to the USB port. The pack-friendly Lanmodo is a great camping companion – protecting your fellow explorers from an unexpected rain shower without being a burden to carry into the wilderness. The Lanmodo fits seven people comfortably underneath its canopy.

Bottom Line

A manual car cover can only do so much. Most of the time, It’s a labor intensive process and there’s really no guarantee that it will fit your car – especially if it’s not a common vehicle. Also, I don’t know too many car covers that can transform into a tent canopy that houses up to seven people. Most of the car covers I’ve seen are made with flimsy material and offer little to no protection against the elements. Protection from sweltering heat? Maybe – but that’s about it. The Lanmodo is a revolutionary automatic car tent – except that it has the versatility of an all-purpose party canopy. If protecting your car is a must and you love the outdoors, this is a must-have product.

Source: Lanmodo