Korean-based startup KI has developed the first self-assembled modular smart shoe that uses no toxic adhesives. The winner of eight international design awards, the KI Ecobe is a fully customizable shoe with over 10,125 possible combinations. Wearers just need to download the intuitive KI app and choose between 15 KI strap colors, 15 KI in-boot colors, 15 shoelaces colors, and 3 outsole colors. The end result: form fitting footwear that changes into a slipper, shoe or sandal in an instant.

Intelligent Design Features

Ki EcobeKI designed its revolutionary wearable as a way to disrupt the shoe making process. With the ordinary footwear manufacturing process taking close to 30 minutes per pair, the KI Ecobe factory assembled takes only five minutes. According to the company’s Kickstarter campaign, it takes 3x’s as many people 6x’s longer to make a pair of traditional shoes compared to the KI Ecobe manufacturing process. The KI Ecobe “specializes in self-assembled modular footwear for humans.”

“Eliminating the need for toxic adhesives makes for a healthier, fume free working environment for factory workers.”

Full Customization

Ki-ecobeSo why would you want to pay $99 for a pair of KI Ecobe shoes? For one, if you’re looking for a multi-functional shoe that is fully customizable and showcases your own character in the most colorful way imaginable, this is the perfect set of kicks for you. With the ability to personalize your shoe via KI’s online store, the wearer can start their own fashion trend by simply selecting from over 10,000 design combinations.

The KI Ecobe shoes come with a removable in-boot that is washing-machine friendly and is capable of drying in a matter of minutes. Since the Ecobe is made without glue adhesive, wearers can replace specific parts of the shoe after habitual use – making the modular shoe one of the most economical purchases. Just simply detach the section you want replacing and recycle it accordingly. Just log onto KI’s website and place another order for an in-boot, outsole, insole, or new pair of shoelaces.


Ki EcobeLab tested for durability at the Korean Institute of Footwear and Leather Technology, the KI Ecobe is engineered to fit all sorts of foot types, wide to narrow. The Ecobe is available in women size 5 to 13.5 and men size 4 to 12.5. If your foot is uniquely shaped, the flexible outsole and adjustable modular structure ensure a perfect fit. Since the shoe is modular, you have the option of replacing certain parts – making the transition between home, outdoors or a day at the beach a seamless experience.

Ki EcobeWith an estimated ship date scheduled for November 2017 (right in time for the holidays), the world will be introduced to a pair of sustainable shoes designed for personalization. Wearers will have the added benefit of knowing that their pair of KI Ecobe’s contributes to a healthier manufacturing environment for factory workers. Just being able to assemble/disassemble your shoe parts into slippers, sandals, or boots gives you the added flexibility that no other shoe offers.
About KI Ecobe

KI Ecobe is a self-assembled modular shoe that uses no toxic adhesives. The end user assembles the shoe making the manufacturing process much less labor intensive. Choose your favorite colors and styles to make your unique shoe!

Source: Ki Ecobe, Kickstarter