Many have tried. Most have failed. The wearables industry is doing their best to develop a live streaming camera that can be worn comfortably around a user’s neck. The ili Wearable Translator is the perfect travel companion but it can hardly be worn every day and is not meant for 1st person perspective filming. Still, it’s a step in the right direction, especially as an intuitive translating device. Ubiquiti Labs has introduced FrontRow – a dual camera live-streaming wearable that is aesthetically-pleasing, lightweight and is specifically designed for everyday use.

Intelligent Design Features

FrontRowCapable of live streaming through Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, FrontRow captures your day-to-day with a front 8 MP camera and a rear 5 MP camera. About the size of a large pendant (slightly bigger than a necklace or chain), Ubiquiti Labs’ FrontRow measures 59.8 mm (2.4 in) tall and 70.3 mm (2.8 in) wide. The 1.94-ounce FrontRow pendant comes with a 1.96-inch display that strategically sits above the rear camera unit – hidden from onlookers but gives the user easy access to FrontRow’s user-friendly interface.
The FrontRow Technology

Poised to compete with Snapchat’s Spectacles, FrontRow shoots video at a 1920 x 1080p resolution and comes with different modes depending upon the activity. Ubiquiti’s rear facing display touts a 640 x 572 (327 ppi) resolution and is powered by the company’s in-house proprietary Android interface. Whether you want to stream live concert footage directly to YouTube or simply capture the first person moments at you best friend’s wedding, FrontRow’s application is only limited by the wearer’s imagination.

Battery Power

Armed with an Android OS and a Quad Core processor, FrontRow is a powerful device housed in a pendant-sized wearable. Capable of 50 hours of battery life on standby mode, two hours of straight recording power, and between 1 hr 45 minutes and 1 hr 55 minutes of live streaming, users have exactly the right amount of time to capture the highlights of their event – but still, need to be cautious of remaining power levels. FrontRow charges through a USB-C port.

Downloading Data/Storage Info

When not streaming to your Twitter feed, FrontRow allows users to download data to its 32GB of internal storage. Transferring data is as seamless as utilizing the device’s Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and built-in Wi-Fi network. Even without a Wi-Fi connection, FrontRow still lets you record all your special moments in its offline mode – sending your video to its internal memory. Once you jump online again, you’ll be able to share the day’s footage over your social media networks.

Bottom Line

FrontRowThe jury is still out on whether or not Ubiquiti Labs made its FrontRow device shockproof and splash proof. If it’s not, I’m sure the company’s second generation will incorporate this must-have technology. With the wearables industry struggling to make a practical wearable, the FrontRow is an incredibly user-friendly yet unobtrusive pendant that empowers its users to capture all the greatness that life has to offer. From the intuitive touchscreen that allows seamless switching between modes (stills/live streaming/offline) to its LED light indicator to lets you know you’re recording, Ubiquiti Labs has developed a user-friendly wearable equipped with impressive 1080p camera technology.

Source: Ubiquiti Labs, New Atlas