If you want an instant bathroom upgrade that’s guaranteed to WOW your guests with the latest smart home technology, look no further than MIRROR by FRED. From human detection sensors to embedded air purifying technology, MIRROR is the world’s first fog-less luxury mirror that knows your morning routine.

Intelligent Design Features

FRED’s internet-connected mirror allows you to listen to your playlist while showering, watch YouTube clips while doing your business, and stream the latest traffic report while brushing your teeth. Equipped with state-of-the-art dual built-in 3W speakers, MIRROR boasts impressive acoustics whether you’ve got the hairdryer going or singing alongside the lyrics to your favorite band.

“I foresee the MIRROR having literally a life on its own.”

Housed in a sharp-looking brushed aluminum frame, MIRROR comes with a 15.6″ display that projects a 1920 x 1080p image – making the early morning Sportscenter routine all the more captivating. If you’re concerned about trying to watch your favorite news channel through a layer of fog, FRED has you covered. The MIRROR, armed with a temperature/humidity sensor, keeps the glass clear regardless of the mist coming from your shower.

“The ‘Mirror’ idea was conceived in my previous work in the tiles and ceramics industry. I observed that one of my pet peeves of luxury home owners was mirror spots, the black spots on a mirror due to oxidation of the reflective mercury layer. The main cause being excess moisture seeping into the mirror foundation in humid bathrooms,” founder and director Jonathan Yuan said in a recent interview with Tech Bytes for Tea.

FRED’s Smart Technology

So what makes FRED Technologies smart MIRROR the “world’s first luxury mirror.” Outside of its champagne gold limited edition finish, this is the only connected mirror that doubles as an air purifier. Equipped with advanced air purifying technologies, MIRROR is capable of eliminating harmful pollutants, generates fresh air, all while deodorizing the surrounding area.

“Thoughts of creating a well-engineered and well-designed mirror that would be free from black spots due to oxidation, married with smart functionality of an advanced tablet, and even air purifying technologies to remove bathroom odor come to mind,” Yuan explained.

FRED Technologies designed MIRROR to be highly intuitive with a user-friendly capacitive touch panel that runs on the Android 5.0 interface. The best part: MIRROR is a fully-autonomous smart device running separately from your smartphone.

Connectivity & Compatibility

Compatible with third party lifestyle devices, FRED’s Mirror is the perfect hub for IoT smart home gadgets like SkinScopy, Nest Protect 2.0, Nest Thermostat, Smarter iKettle, etc. You can fully integrate your home’s smart devices allowing you to personalize your morning routine. Whether it’s fitness health monitors, connected sleep aids, or children’s apps that teach them in a fun way to brush their teeth.

“The mirror is the culmination of beautiful form and extensible function, and the platform to create an ecosystem for the smart bathroom,” Yuan said.

Bottom Line

If you’re in the market for a smart home Mirror that plays nice with other third party devices, this will certainly upgrade your morning routine. With that being said, be prepared to shell out a pretty penny because FRED’s luxury mirror retails for $1,950.

Source: FRED Technologies, Tech4Tea