Technology is here to make our lives easier. Instead of wasting countless hours on mundane tasks, like household chores, we’re able to spend our time doing more important things. From the Dyson 360 Eye vacuum to the Winbot 950, cleaning robots have the job of keeping our houses tidy while we’re continuing on with our day-to-day. Equipped with sophisticated obstacle avoidance sensors and powerful cleaning system, cleaning robots have come a long way. The RS700 is no exception. The revolutionary cleaning robot by Everybot is designed to tackle the most stubborn dust, dirt, and stains in areas tough-to-reach and hard-to-see.

“The normal vacuum cleaners are not hard to use, but just gets lazy to do it. However, mopping requires strength so the consumers constantly found it needy. So I thought of making a robot cleaner that could mop,” CEO Woochul Chung said about his Everybot RS700.

Everybot’s RoboSpin Technology

Everybot RS700, Cleaning Robot, Smart Home

Coined “the ultimate robot mop cleaner,” the Everybot RS700 comes with dual spinning mops backed by two powerful 5700 RPM motors and the company’s patented RoboSpin Technology. The end result: a thorough cleaning process that integrates the RS700’s microfiber mop pad with a variety of optimized modes that adjusts depending on the cleaning project. With the added bonus of built-in directional and multi-axis sensors, you won’t come home to find your cleaning robot pinned in a corner with the rest of your floors dirty. The RS700 knows to avoid walls, kitchen islands, stairs, pets, etc. and complete the task at hand.

The receiver of an Honoree award for Design and Engineering Innovation at the 2014 International CES, the Everett RS700 differentiates itself with its cutting-edge RoboSpin Technology. In other words, the speed and direction of each cleaning pad is controlled independently – combining both Diving Yarn and Microfiber mop action to tackle the crevices in your home. The patented MopPad, according to Everybot’s Kickstarter campaign, is a “strong absorption and cleaning force with patented mop construction.” The Diving Yarn strategically wipes dirt and polluted particles while the Microfiber absorbs fine dust and difficult stains.

Intelligent Design Features

Everybot RS700, Cleaning Robot, Smart Home

The RS700 comes with a full suite of optimized cleaning modes. Backed by a state-of-the-art Auto WaterSupply system, users will reap the benefits of continuous wet mop cleaning. This has the dual benefits of not having to repeatedly fill your water supply source and at the same time, ensures the right amount of water being used during the cleaning process. Designed to be user-friendly, the RS700 comes with a OneTouch remote that wirelessly activates any of the eight optimized cleaning modes. Here is a detailed description of each cleaning modes:

Auto Cleaning – basic cleaning mode for everyday upkeep

Y Curve Cleaning – optimizes your Everybot for more thorough cleaning

Focus Cleaning – pays extra attention to one specific area

Corner Cleaning – sweeps the floor through carefully rotating by 180-degrees along the wall and corners

Manual Cleaning – enables you to steer your robot using special arrow key on the remote

Turbo Option – supercharged cleaning for difficult spills

Hand Cleaning Mode – clean anything anywhere with Everybot’s handle (desks, tables, glass windows, cars).

Dry Mop Cleaning Mode – absorbs fine dust in a dry mop pattern using electrostatic cleaning method (removes pet hair, clothes lint, etc.)

Incredible Cleaning Performance

Everybot RS700, Cleaning Robot, Smart Home

So what is one of the major concerns buying a robot cleaning? For one, you want to make sure it does a good job cleaning. With eight action-packed cleaning modes, a patented microfiber mop pad, and the added bonus of patented RoboSpin Technology, the buyer should feel pretty confident in the RS700. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not your cleaning robot hit up every section of your house. Thankfully, the Everett comes with ESA (Exit Shadow Area) technology – a sophisticated sensor that moves the RS700 back into a well-lit location after it’s done cleaning – ensuring every spot in your home is clean. The Everybot drives itself back from under the sofa when the job is done.

Woochul Chung, Everybot’s CEO, designed his RS700 to work. “The reality of the robot cleaners was that they could not properly clean because there were obstacles in the way and the consumers were dissatisfied about the high price,” Chung said on Kickstarter. “Our product cleans while rotating but also is made to move and work only with the rotating panel and the mop so that we could reduce the unit cost. Therefore, we produced a product, “Everybot,” that meets the practical needs.”

The Everett RS700 has an estimated ship date scheduled for December of 2017.

Source: Kickstarter