Temperature plays a huge role in the taste of your morning coffee or afternoon tea. Believe it or not, the ideal drinking temperature for coffee or tea is at 135° Fahrenheit and it’s nowhere near the average serving temperature of 160° F. So, most people are left with a scalding hot cup of coffee or a lukewarm cup if your timing is off. That’s no way to start the day. California-based Ember Technologies wants to fix the hot beverage epidemic that’s haunting coffee and tea drinkers worldwide – so they created the Ember Mug.

“I started Ember because I was inspired to change the way people experience eating and drinking,” said founder and CEO Clayton Alexander.

Intelligent Design Features

Ember, Coffee MugThe Ember Mug allows users to select their ideal drinking temperature anywhere between 120° to 145° then it maintains itself for up to two hours (on the go) and all day long on Ember’s charging coaster. With a company-wide mission focused on “making eating and drinking more gratifying through temperature control,” Ember Technologies engineered the only adjustable mug that keeps your coffee at the preferred temperature.

The leak-proof, highly portable Mug allows users to customize their coffee or tea temperature by either connecting to the Ember app or via a rotational dial located at the base of the Thermo mug. In other words, Ember can be used as a connected device or on its own. Giving the user total control over the Ember’s temperature will maintain brew and steep levels in both your coffee and tea. With an optional ceramic Halo Lid ($29.95), you can enhance the aroma of your coffee and tea while maintaining the perfect temperature throughout the day. Burnt tongues give way to the perfect cup of coffee.

The Ember Mug Technology

Ember, Coffee Mug, Smart HomeAs the leader in temperature control technology, Ember Technologies developed its own patented phase-change cooling system. It combines with a state-of-the-art active heating system. The combination of both technologies is the magic behind the Ember Mug. If you pour a scorching hot cup of tea from a boiling kettle, Ember’s built-in technology can rapidly reduce the temperature of your beverage by simply rotating the dial at the bottom of the mug or by pressing a button in the smartphone app. It’s that easy to cool down a boiling hot cup of tea.

The Ember App

The Ember Mug comes equipped with an iOS/Android compatible smart app that gives you full control over temperature. Whether you want to remotely adjust the temperature of your morning coffee, name your Mug, select from pre-saved hot beverage temps, or switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, the choice is entirely up to you. The Ember app empowers the user to fully customize the drinking experience. Once the user selects their ideal temperature, the Ember app will send a notification to their smartphone letting them know that their favorite beverage is ready to drink. How cool is that?

Bottom Line

Ember temperature control mugOutside of the price ($149.95) being a bit aggressive for a smart Mug, this is an incredibly innovative device by Ember Technologies. Maintaining the perfect cup of coffee throughout the day would inevitably save you money if you’re a second-cup-of-coffee type person. For someone who understands the connection between taste and temperature, this may be a worthwhile purchase especially if your morning routine involves a hot cup of coffee. There’s definitely a niche here and as Starbucks coffee prices continue to rise, you might want to maintain the taste of your $5.00 Grande Latte a bit longer than an hour after purchase. Just imagine coming back to your morning coffee early afternoon and still have it taste as fresh as the time of ordering.

About Ember Technologies

Ember plans to revolutionize the way the world eats and drinks. Ember’s flagship product, the world’s most advanced temperature adjustable mug, creates an unforgettable drinking experience that will forever change the way we enjoy coffee or tea. Ember’s patented technology rapidly cools your drink down to the temperature you choose and then holds it at that exact temperature for hours on end. Experience the pleasure of enjoying your drink, in its perfect state, from the first sip to the last drop.

Source: Ember