Whether you’re a DIY’er simply looking to hang wall art in your new apartment or an interior design professional maximizing floor space in a high rise condo in NYC, Cubit by PLOTT is an incredibly accurate measuring tool that uses mixed reality overlays to bring your design creation to life.

Cubit’s Intelligent Design Features

Cubit allows users to upload real photos of their home furnishings into an intuitive app. After capturing an inventory of objects inside your home, measurements are taken of both the objects and the floor plan using the Cubit’s high-powered laser sensors. Finally, the Visual Design Center transforms your virtual design into a single set of data points. This process allows for the measurements to seamlessly sync to the objects inside your home (couches, tables, pictures, TV’s, bathtubs, beds, dressers, walls, floors, etc.).

State-of-the-Art Technology

So why is this one of the most revolutionary interior design devices hitting the market this November (2017)? For one, the Cubit is equipped with state-of-the-art sensor technology that captures measurements with an accuracy down to a 1/8th of an inch for every 30 feet measured. The Cubit Smart Wheel Tool, perfect for measuring irregular objects like a Sofa, is accurate to 0.2% in lab tests. With each laser capable of measuring up to 100 feet, Cubit eliminates inaccurate readings which are so common whether or not you have a digital measuring device. The Cubit tool democratizes one of the most challenging aspects of interior design work: accurate measurements of both the living space as well as the objects inside the home.

“Cubit gives creators a central hub where they can drag and drop accurately sized photos of sofas, tables, decorations, plants, etc.”

Real-World Application

Outside of the pinpoint accuracy coming from its laser measurement sensors, Cubit is an all-in-one device perfect for anyone hanging photos, rearranging a room, moving apartments, or undergoing a full home renovation. There’s really no project too big for Cubit. From decorating walls to creating floor plans, this highly versatile measuring tool that comes with a full suite of design tools. Armed with built-in leveling sensors that connect wirelessly via Bluetooth technology, all measuring data sync’s immediately to your smartphone app.

Intuitive Design Application

The Cubit app is where all the magic happens. Housed inside of a user-friendly interface is a Visual Design Center that integrates all of your interior design photos with your measurements. Whether it’s overlaying the finalized project onto of real world backgrounds, uploading multiple objects for ease of centering, or simply testing pre-configured layouts for optimizing space, the Cubit Visual Design Center is the centralized hub for creativity. The app features a wide selection of downloadable designs in case you want to follow a template while mixing in your own ideas. If you need additional inspiration, users have the ability to collaborate with other designers working on projects inside the app and collaborate with friends via social media. You can make your next interior design project as interactive as you’d like.

If you want the Visual Design Center to completely take over a project and offer you step-by-step instructions, then Cubit is the perfect device. Applying your virtual design to the real world, the Visual Design software indicates exactly where objects should be strategically placed inside your home. Called the “Guidance Mode,” users start in the corner of their measured space (wall or floor) and Cubit, will the help of an arrow, will direct them on the exact positioning of their object. Follow the arrow and see real time read outs of your points on the background on Cubit’s display. Once you hit the right spot and everything is centered, a bullseye will appear – confirming your sofa is in the right spot according to the design layout.

Bottom Line

Priced at only $99 MSRP and scheduled to ship this November (2017), the Cubit Smart Measuring Tool is the perfect design tool whether you’re a DIY’er or an experienced design professional. The super precise laser measuring technology alone is worth the price but when you add the Visual Design Center into the mix, you simply have the most sophisticated measuring tool on the market.