Motorcycles keep getting cooler and sleeker, but helmets aren’t a supplementary technology yet. They could be smarter and more involved in your road trips, but they’re still behind in that field. The CrossHelmet by Borderless is a next-generation motorcycle helmet packed with smart features about your trip, your surroundings, and even your riding buddies.

CrossHelmet, Borderless, smart helmet, review


The helmet looks sleek and doesn’t look too far from regular helmets currently out there on the market. It has a rearview camera on the back, and it projects the feed onto a tiny lens built inside the visor. The company boasts a full 360° visibility.

The lens will also display GPS information, a music player, and Bluetooth connectivity, which can all be controlled through an app. There’s a built-in noise control system with speakers for that in-helmet music player.

CrossHelmet, Borderless, smart helmet, review


The cost is a little steep. But with some Bell and Shoei helmets running up to $800 or more, maybe you’ll want to consider CrossHelmet as a feature-packed investment. The helmet costs $1,399 right now, but prices will increase over time.

CrossHelmet, Borderless, smart helmet, review


The company incorporated variable thickness and advanced technology in the helmet’s shell with techniques used in the automotive racing industry to improve the structural strength of the CrossHelmet. The battery is a proprietary Lithium-Ceramic Battery (LCB), which the company says is completely risk-free; this means no leakage, smoke, fire, or explosions after physical impact, puncture or thermal damage.

CrossHelmet, Borderless, smart helmet, review


The helmet comes with sound control, group talk, and ride data. Some of these things are displayed in the app on your phone, like relevant journey information, weather, temperature, and compass direction. Stats like network connectivity and battery level are also shown in the lens. In addition, you’ll find step-by-step waypoints, distance, and time to destination in the lens.

The sound control technology of this helmet is well thought out. The company designed it to reduce or enhance environmental sounds, depending on the rider’s needs. You can limit road, engine, and wind noise in urban environments, helping you stay away from rider fatigue.

The helmet also comes with a noise-canceling technology where the person you’re on the phone with can’t hear the wind rushing by.

The little lens holding all of your GPS and rearview info is transparent and can fold up out of the way. The safety light is multi-colored and LED-powered. The company tried to bring the best features of other helmets into their design. They made sure to include things like a wide field of vision, guarded chin, and aerodynamics.

An integration with Siri makes this helmet more than just a smart helmet; it is a voice-enabled personal assistant that you can take with you on the road. The helmet also has a discreet touch panel for easy, safe, and intuitive ability to change modes.

CrossHelmet, Borderless, smart helmet, review

Closing Thoughts

This helmet can look expensive from the outside. However, if you’re in the market for a motorcycle helmet anyway, you should consider looking deeper into this helmet. Maybe you should wait until there are more user-submitted reviews about it, but it looks promising from what we can see! You’ll have to wait until late 2018 to get this innovative technology.


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