For those who want to experience the potential of their headphones, the compact AuricSound S7 produces high-resolution audio that records at a higher frequency than CDs. Catering to pretty much anyone who loves music, the AuricSound S7 supports the following formats: MPS, DSD, DSD-IFF, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, AIFF, MQA, and AAC.


Whether it’s improving instrument separation, propelling the rhythm, or simply playing music at higher sampling rates, the AuricSound lets you enjoy music the artist intended. Capturing music at a higher rate than CD’s (up to 768 kHz/32-bit instead of 44.1 kHz/16-bit), the AuricSound Twin ESS SABRE comes equipped with a dedicated UBS DAC amp and is MAC, PC, and iPhone compatible.

With support from both DSD (Direct Stream Digital) and 768 kHz/32-bit PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) encoding formats, the AuricSound yields an impressive stream of high-resolution audio that mirrors the original studio recording. The ultra-high-frequency (10Hz – 100kHz) system helps to deliver recording layers with precision – unlocking the true sound of your music.


Connecting right to your headphones, Mac, PC, or smartphone, the AuricSound S7 comes in two different formats with both digitizing the analog source. According to AuricSound, DSD captures sound data as a sequence of single-bit values with a high sampling rate of up to 22.5792 MHz (1024 times the sampling rate of a CD).

Considered to be the smallest – most lightweight Hi-Resolution DSD DAC on the market, the AuricSound S7 is armed with two USB and USB-C ports and fully chargeable via one port. Ideal for connecting with an AV receiver, the AuricSound system is powered by a revolutionary Twin SABRE Reference 32-bit DAC’s. The ES9028Q2M DAC’s propels digital music to the high-frequency level and supports a wide selection of formats.

Intelligent Design

AuricSound S7Maxing out at 11.2 MHz DSD and supports up to 768kHz/32-bit DSD512 audio, the highly versatile AuricSound S7 is one of the industry’s first to support the new “MQA” format. MQA, according to AuricSound, is a “revolution in Hi-Res – a completely different way of capturing, delivering and reproducing audio performances which preserve the original studio recording inf format/file size that’s small enough to stream.”

Separated from the CPU main circuit board, the 32 bit DAC/AMP minimizes ambient noise and ensures a high-res audio experience second-to-none. Outside of the impressive high-res technology, here is a breakdown of some of the features that separate AuricSound S7 from other DAC systems.

1. Two types of balanced drives – balanced outputs via the four-pole headphone socket supports both the esoteric ACG (Acitve Control GND) drive system as well as the more common ‘BTL (Bridge-Tied) system.

2. Real-time DSD Conversion – upconvert all high-res audio content to compressed content to DSD512 quality in real-time.

3. Ultra High-Res Unsampling – built-in support for unsampling up to 768 kHz/32-bit DSD512.

4. Reference Digital Filters – three digital features (sharp, slow, short) – all delta-sigma converters include a digital interpolation filter, to convert the incoming PCM data to the delta sigma bitstream.

5. Wireless Connection – Hi-End CSR aptX HD featuring Bluetooth wireless audio technology.