No matter which forums you check or which recent ‘top smartwatch list’ you go through, the Apple Watch is going to be at the pinnacle of every website.

With the latest in the line-up; ‘the Series 4’, Apple has taken the base model of the Series 3 and given it a much-needed overhaul. They made the Series 4 much bigger and gave it two sizes of 40mm and 44mm.

It is installed with the latest ‘watchOS5’ and includes some amazing features such as waterproofing, swim tracking and a built-in GPS. The Series 4 also comes with LTE capabilities for making calls when you are away from your phone.

But what truly captures our fancy and sets the Series 4 a class apart, is the built-in ECG. Though it’s only available in the US now, the health benefits it can provide in the future is virtually limitless.  

The Apple Watch 4 is jam-packed with the latest in smartwatch technology and the most accurate activity tracking features. And this is one of the reasons why it’s the most expensive smartwatch in the market and out of reach for most ordinary buyers.

Another aspect which we believe is quite disadvantageous is that the Apple Watch is only compatible with other Apple Devices.