Tiny homes are popular with younger people and whole families alike. They can be turned into a small hangout for the kids or a portable home for traveling the country. We loved the Ecocapsule smart home‘s shape and concept. But the inside looked sterile and lab-like without seeing some decorated Ecocapsules. U.S.-based New Frontier Tiny Homes built the Alpha tiny home, a similarly-sized, portable living space. The company spared no detail, and although it costs more than its competitors, it’s a beautiful, innovative tiny house.

New Frontier Tiny Homes, Alpha Tiny Home, Tiny House, review

Size and Shape

This tiny house is 250 square feet. It ships from Nashville, Tennessee. Currently, the company does not deliver outside of the United States, but they seem like nice people, so you could try to email and ask!

The shape of the Alpha tiny home is rectangular, with two large gaps in the walls for ceiling-to-floor windows. These windows open up on both sides, making each side an entrance and exit. With the 8 ft by 8 ft fold-out deck, you can get a party going without getting uncomfortable with the lack of space. When it’s time to get rolling again, the deck covers an 8 ft by 9 ft roll-out garage.

New Frontier Tiny Homes, Alpha Tiny Home, Tiny House, review

Ease of Transportation

The house sits on top of a custom-built double-axle trailer. You can customize the size of the trailer depending on the total weight of your customized tiny home.

New Frontier Tiny Homes, Alpha Tiny Home, Tiny House, review


The interior combines rustic with modern. The metal roof is gently sloping, whisking water away from the living space with a mechanical seam. To further protect from rain, the house comes with Typar Rain Screen and Typar House Wrap. The exterior has cedar siding. The darker wood is cedar treated with the “shou sugi ban” method of pre-charring the wood, which makes it more pest- and fire-resistant.

The deck and awning are aluminum-framed. The awning windows are made of tempered, insulated glass. Inside, the walls and ceiling are made with reclaimed barnwood. The company loves lighting, so they’ve spent a lot of time in the smaller details of the lighting everywhere inside and outside the house.

The kitchen comes with a massive farmhouse sink (33 inches), an 11 sq ft stainless steel fridge, and a five-top induction burner with a stainless steel hood. The house comes with a toaster oven, hidden dishwasher, and stainless steel shelves. The floor is beautiful solid walnut hardwood. The kitchen is elevated because there’s a table stored under the kitchen that seats eight people. Move the table out onto the deck or set it up in the home for a get-together.

On the other side of the tiny house is the bathroom. It comes with a sliding door for entry, so it’s not always visible. The jacuzzi tub and shower work well with the composting toilet and subway tile, which also runs through the kitchen. The bathroom also boasts one-of-a-kind, antique mirrors. And you’ll find the washer and dryer tucked under part of the granite countertop.

Above the bathroom is a loft bed. You can get up there with a custom-built oak ladder. The Alpha tiny home comes with a king-sized memory foam mattress, linen sheets, and a comforter.

New Frontier Tiny Homes, Alpha Tiny Home, Tiny House, review


HGTV’s “Tiny House, Big Living” featured the Alpha tiny home on its show, and its price already increased from 2016. The home starts at $124,900, and you can get even more with a bigger budget. For example, if you want to upgrade the ladder to stairs, that’s possible for an extra fee. The company released another luxury tiny home, called Escher, which starts at $139,900. Depending on your needs and family size, the Escher may serve you better.

If you need financing, the company partnered with LightStream, a division of SunTrust Bank, and Tiny House Lenders. You are able to pay in cash, a mixture of cash and financing, or just through financing.

New Frontier Tiny Homes, Alpha Tiny Home, Tiny House, review

Carbon Footprint

Add the solar panel option to the house when you order it. If you’re not ready to take the plunge for the whole solar package, you can also just get the hookups necessary to install solar in the future. If you don’t want to have an off-grid, eco-friendly home, the company is also open to creating something unique for you.

New Frontier Tiny Homes, Alpha Tiny Home, Tiny House, review

Other Notes

This is a beautifully-designed home. Deep thought was put into almost every single aspect of the home. Things like lighting, functional ergonomics, and the blend of modern and rustic aesthetics all make this tiny home stick out from the rest. It’s definitely a top contender in modern tiny homes. You should keep your eye on this one if you’re in the market for a new type of living.


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