Photostick Review 2020



Computer Compatibility 95%
File Format Compatibility 94%
Price 95%
Ease of Use 98%
Memory Size/Space 94%


  • Compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems
  • Works on both image and video file formats
  • Requires no special software
  • Easy to use


  • Does the same things that cheaper flash drives do
  • Lacks any instructions in the box
  • Does not offer password protection
  • Expensive for the amount of storage that you get

Here at iReviews, we will never put our seal of approval on a product unless our team thinks it deserves that seal. That team spent weeks working with ThePhotoStick and trying it on their home and work computers to make sure that it works the way it should.

Similar to the thumb drives that you might use at work or school, this is a small device that allows you to save files and create a backup in case of an emergency. 

 If your hard drive fails, you can rest assured that you have copies of your important work files and family photos stored in a safe place.

ThePhotoStick has quite a few positive reviews from customers. We had such a hard time finding negative reviews that we knew we needed to put this device to the test.

ThePhotoStick is one of the top backup tools for 2020

What is ThePhotoStick?

When you first see ThePhotoStick, you might think that it looks just like the standard USB drive that you have tucked away in a drawer somewhere. This tool is more than just a thumb drive though because it comes with so much additional storage. You can opt for one with 8 GB, 64 GB or an impressive 128 GB of extra storage. While similar devices require that you download software to identify and run the drive, this one requires very little on your part. You can plug it into any device with a USB port and transfer copies of your files in seconds.

This compact USB drive is compatible with most of the leading file formats that you use, including JPEG, GIF and PNG files. It works with the files that you create when using Photoshop and other photo editing software suites. If you have a DSLR camera and save photos in a raw format, you can transfer those images onto the stick too. It even works with video files to help you save copies of videos that you took at special events. No matter what files you have on your computer, you can transfer them and keep a backup with this tool.

How Can You Use ThePhotoStick?

Even those without any computer experience can use ThePhotoStick. You’ll want to follow a set series of steps based on the type of computer operating system that you have.

If you have a Windows computer, you will:

  • Turn on your computer and let it run
  • Remove the cap from ThePhotoStick and insert it into an open USB port
  • Click on the File Explorer
  • Double-click on ThePhotoStick file
  • Press “Go” when it appears on your screen

If you have a Mac/Apple computer, you need to:

  • Turn on and run your computer
  • Remove the cap from ThePhotoStick and place it in an available USB port
  • Look for the USB icon on the screen and double-click it
  • Find THEPHOTOSTICK icon on your screen and click it
  • Hit the “Go” button that you see

It’s then a simple matter of picking what files you want to save copies of on ThePhotoStick. You can let the device make a total backup of the operating system, which will save copies of all your files. To do this, you need to make sure that you have enough space on the device. You can also select from the files that you see and request that the stick transfer copies of only those selected files.

Depending on the type of computer that you have, the USB port will either be on the back or the side of the base.

Where Can You Use ThePhotoStick?

The top two places where you will likely use ThePhotoStick is at home and work. We’ll take a look at some of the reasons you might use it at home first. There is nothing worse than hitting the power button on your laptop and seeing a dark screen staring back at you. If the fan fails in your laptop, it can cause the computer to run so hotly that it eventually shuts down. A hard drive failure can also occur because of an internal issue or a power outage. With ThePhotoStick, you can rest assured that any of the files you backed up are still available to you. It can also come in handy if your child spills something on your computer.

Using ThePhotoStick at work is helpful for those who need to share data. While you can always send emails with attachments, larger attachments can take valuable minutes to send. You can save copies on this stick and hand it to a coworker to give him or her instant access to that data. It also allows you to do work from home and take those projects back to the office and to take work from the office home. You’ll have copies of important data when other computers fail.

What Operating System Do You Need to Use ThePhotoStick?

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Mac OS X Version 10.7 and all future editions

Who’s This For?

ThePhotoStick is a handy tool for anyone who doesn’t want to use cloud storage or doesn’t trust cloud storage. You might remember hearing about the Hollywood celebrity scandal a few years ago. Celebs who used iPhones and stored photos in the cloud were stunned when a hacker got into the cloud and stole their images. They saw their private photos shared across the web. While the companies behind cloud storage options claim that they are strong and will protect your privacy, they cannot guarantee that. Anyone who knows your password can also access your cloud storage and transfer private or confidential files to other devices.

Using cloud storage is also a chore because you need to remember your login info. Not only do you need to remember the password or email address that you used, but you also need to keep track of your password. Some devices will even lock that specific device to an account, which means that you cannot view those files on another device, even if you know your login and password. With ThePhotoStick, you just need to remember where you put the device. It works on all computers and gives you instant access to all the files you saved.

ThePhotoStick saves you on some of the frustrations of using cloud storage.

How Many Photos Can ThePhotoStick Hold?

The number of photos and other files that ThePhotoStick can hold will depend on which model you buy. With the 128 GB model, you can store up to 60,000 images. Most of the photos that you take with a standard smartphone or DSLR is 8MP, but some of these photos might be as small as 2MP in size. The 60,000 estimation takes into account the fact that you’ll likely save both longer videos that take up more space and small images that use less space. Unlike other devices that come with software installed on them, you get the total amount of space specified on ThePhotoStick packaging because it does not have any installed software. You can generally store around 30,000 files on the 64 GB version and 3,500 files on the 8 GB model.

When you use any version of ThePhotoStick, you can check the amount of remaining space on your computer. Before you double-click to run the stick, check the specs on the screen. It should show you a pie chart that details the total amount of space on the flash drive, how much space you used and how much space is left. If you do not see this chart, try hovering your mouse over ThePhotoStick icon. You may need to right-click on that icon to view the properties too.

What Determines How Many Files ThePhotoStick Can Hold?

  • File format used
  • Size of files
  • Video vs. photo files
  • Type of ThePhotoStick purchased
  • Number of raw images saved

How Fast is ThePhotoStick?

If you ever attempted a system backup before, you know that it can take hours. Even if you did a previous backup within the last few weeks, your computer will still go over all the files and create a full backup. Anyone who owns a computer should do a backup at least once a month and more often if they work from or use their computers for school. In the case of a massive failure, you can restore your system to a previous backup and find information that you thought was lost. Not everyone has hours that they can spend watching the computer run, which is why using ThePhotoStick is so helpful.

With ThePhotoStick, you can do a complete backup in around 10 minutes or less. Most people will find that it does a backup in just five minutes. It depends on how many files you have and the last time you did a backup. Let’s say that you’re smart and backup your system once a week.

ThePhotoStick can instantly identify the files that it saved the last time and skip over them to find new files. This can significantly cut down on how much time you spend in front of the screen and let you get back to using your computer faster.

How Fast is ThePhotoStick

ThePhotoStick can slash your backup time in half or by even more.

Does ThePhotoStick Work with More Than One Computer?

Before buying ThePhotoStick, you might worry that it will only work with one computer. If you used a different flash drive in the past, you know that these products can make organizing your files difficult. They show you all the files that you save and let you organize them based on name, file type and other features. You cannot view which files came from which computer though. When you need to quickly find a file from your work setup, you might not remember when you took it or what you named it. ThePhotoStick makes it much easier to organize and filed your files because it can work with multiple setups.

ThePhotoStick is unique because it can identify each computer that you use. When you add new files to the stick, it will know where those files came from and store the with past files taken from that network. This lets you view all the files you saved from the different computers you use at home vs. those you saved at work. It essentially creates a list of files from each setup and lets you organize those files in any way that you want.

ThePhotoStick can keep track of the documents that you saved too.

With ThePhotoStick, you no longer need to feel frustrated when organizing photos and other files.

Does ThePhotoStick Work with More Than One Computer

What is ThePhotoStick Mobile?

One of the newest products from the makers of ThePhotoStick is ThePhotoStick Mobile. Designed for use with mobile devices, it lets you save copies of all the files on your phone without tracking down the right cord or spending time on your computer. This easy to use tool works on both smartphones and tablets and can work with those from Apple as well as devices that have an Android operating system. 

With the mobile version, you simply turn on your device and insert ThePhotoStick into your device. It will automatically scan the system to find videos and photos and movie copies of those files to ThePhotoStick. If you regularly scan your device, it will pick up only the new images you saved since the last time it scanned.

With ThePhotoStick Mobile, you do not need a WiFi signal. You do not need to connect your data or use the cloud either. It automatically saves copies of all files to the mobile device, which you can then plug into a computer or a tablet.

This is a good way to share copies of family photos without using a transfer cable. The mobile version works on phones and tablets from Samsung, HTC, LG and other major phone manufacturers.

Can You Use ThePhotoStick with Other Devices

If you spend a lot of time on your phone and rely on it more than you do your computer, we recommend going with ThePhotoStick Mobile. Some people use their smartphones as often or nearly as often as they do their computers though, which is when the standard model is more helpful. ThePhotoStick is compatible with smartphones and other devices but only if you download the right app first. It does not cost extra to get this app, but you will need to visit the store that offers apps for your device such as the Google Play Store. You can then search for the app for ThePhotoStick and download it to your phone or tablet.

Once you install the app, double-click on the icon on your screen to load the app. You can plug ThePhotoStick into the port on your phone, which you’ll usually find on the top or the bottom edge. It will automatically search your phone to find new files and create backup copies. Once it finishes searching, you can safely remove ThePhotoStick and place the cap back on the top. Even if you think that you won’t use ThePhotoStick with your phone or tablet, you should still download the app in case you need it later.


How to Use ThePhotoStick with Mobile Devices?

  • Open the app store
  • Search for ThePhotoStick app
  • Download the app
  • Insert ThePhotoStick into your phone
  • Wait for ThePhotoStick to finish running a scan before you remove it


Does ThePhotoStick Work with an iPad?

Since releasing the iPad, Apple saw millions of people around the world invest in this popular tablet. An iPad lets you download apps to surf the web, chat with people on social media sites, make phone calls, shop and even edit the photos and videos that you take with the built-in camera. You might find that you take more photos with an iPad than you ever did with a digital camera or cell phone. Thanks to ThePhotoStick, you can now backup the files on your iPad as well as those from your Mac. You do not need to search your home for a lightning cable or try to find a spare cord either.

Apple makes proprietary charges that only work on its devices. While you can use a micro USB cord to charge almost any Android device, you need a lightning cable for an Apple device. ThePhotoStick features both a 3.0 USB connector and a lightning connector, which makes it a good choice for families who love products from more than one manufacturer.

You just need to flip the cord and select which connector is right for your device. With this cord, you can instantly transfer files from your iPad to another Apple device too.

ThePhotoStick comes with a cord that functions as both a USB connector and a lightning connector

Does ThePhotoStick Work with an iPad
Does ThePhotoStick Come with a Warranty or Guarantee?

Whenever you buy a new product online, you always want to make sure that it comes with a solid warranty or guarantee to protect your investment. With ThePhotoStick, you get a 30-day guarantee that covers your purchase. The money-back-guarantee is valid for shoppers in both the United States and the United Kingdom and ensures that you get your full purchase price back if you aren’t happy with ThePhotoStick. To qualify for a refund, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You request a full refund within 30 days of the shipping date
  • The product is in almost new condition and the original box with all packaging materials


Even if you opened ThePhotoStick, you might still qualify for a refund. The parent company offers full refunds if the product shows any manufacturing defects such as scratches on the case or a cap that doesn’t fit on the drive. You should write down the date when the site shipped your order as you can only get a refund within 30 days of the product shipping. The site does not accept returns of products that do not meet these requirements. It may not accept a return if you decide that you don’t want the product after placing your order.


How Can You Return ThePhotoStick?
  • Make sure that your order falls within the 30-day return window
  • Send an email to [email protected]
  • Include proof of your purchase with the email such as your original receipt
  • Send the product and original packaging back to the correct address
  • Wait for your refund, which can take several weeks

Does ThePhotoStick Have a Support Team?

The makers of ThePhotoStick have a support team that can help customers before they buy one of these devices and with any problems they might have at home. You can visit the official website and look for a chat icon, which you should see near the bottom right corner on the homepage. Clicking on this icon will load a chat window that lets you talk to a live representative. This feature is available from 10 am to three am every weekday from Monday through Friday. Customer service reps are available to help customers in the United Kingdom during similar hours.

Customer service reps are available during select business hours and can chat with you live.

Does ThePhotoStick Have a Support Team

Chatting with a live rep is helpful because you can ask questions about how many files each stick can hold and get help picking which size is right for you. Those reps can also answer questions about the shipping process such as how long it will take based on your location and what you need to do to get free shipping. 

ThePhotoStick reps can also help you decide how to pay for your order. This site accepts most credit and debit cards, including VISA, MasterCard and American Express. You can also pay via PayPal, which requires that you log into your PayPal account.

Can You Use ThePhotoStick to Recover Missing Data?

Though mainly used as a backup tool, ThePhotoStick can also function as a recovery device. Have you ever saved a funny GIF or image from the web and then couldn’t find it when you tried to share the photo later? Something as simple as hitting the wrong button when you saved the image or saving it to the wrong spot can keep you from finding it. With ThePhotoStick, you have the chance to search through all the layers and files to find every image that you saved in the past. Once you have copies saved on the small device, you can look through them to find the one that you need.

Customer service reps are available during select business hours and can chat with you live.

Can You Use ThePhotoStick to Recover Missing Data

An easy way to find a missing file is when you organize all the files on ThePhotoStick by date. If you can remember when you saved that file, you can look through those from that date and the surrounding dates.

You may want to look at the name of each file too. Those that start with symbols or numbers may be the missing files that you want. You might find that you had the caps lock down or that you touched two keys at the same time, which changed the name of the saved file.

Should You Buy It?

The best way to decide if ThePhotoStick can meet your personal or professional needs is with a detailed look at the pros and cons of the product. We’ll look at the top pros such as how easy you can use this product and its compatibility with different devices. As you continue reading, you’ll work your way down to our cons and the top reasons why you might benefit from a standard thumb drive.

Lots of External Storage

One big benefit of using ThePhotoStick is that it provides you with tons of external storage. Available in 8, 64 and 128 GB sizes, you can opt for the smallest one and still have space to store up to 3,500 files. With the 128 GB model, you can store up to 60,000 images and other files, but you’ll get space for up to 30,000 files with the 64 GB model. Each one can store documents as well as photos and videos and create backups of all your important computer and phone files.

Easy to Use

The problem with flash drives is that they are often hard to use. Another issue is that most have a plastic cover or case that can break if you drop the drive or you accidentally sit down with it in your pocket.

ThePhotoStick has a handy loop on the back that you can attach to your keyring and a durable cap that fits over the USB connector. That cap slips on and off to protect the connector from damage. It also does a good job of keeping the connector safe if you carry the stick in a bag or pocket.


If you plug in ThePhotoStick and your computer doesn’t recognize it, turn off your computer and unplug the device. Restart your computer and reinsert ThePhotoStick. If it still fails to recognize the device, try entering your settings and manually searching for the USB device.

One Price for All Services

Cloud storage is a popular choice for those who want to back up their computers. You can set up an account and log in to transfer files from any device to the cloud. The problem with cloud services is that you typically need to pay a subscription fee. When you pay a year in advance, you can save some money on the cost of paying per month. ThePhotoStick saves you some of the hassles of cloud storage because you pay one fee when you buy the product. You never need to pay another fee again and don’t need to worry about what might happen if your credit card on file expires.

Convenient Printing

Thanks to shops such as FedEx and Walmart, you no longer need a printer at home. While having a printer is sometimes convenient, you may spend more on printer ink than you would like.

Big stores let you print photos and documents for one small fee and can print in full color or black and white.

ThePhotoStick makes it easy to get copies of your favorite photos printed. You can upload those images to the stick and then take it to the store.


Convenient Printing
With ThePhotoStick, you can easily print photos when you’re away from home.

You simply plug the device into the USB port on one of the kiosks, select the images you want to print, pay and wait for the printer to finish. This allows you to share photos with others without using email or having a printer at home.

Access Across Devices

A big flaw with most cloud storage companies is that they limit how many devices can share one account. You may find that you can only upload and save files from two devices, even if you can log into that account from others. ThePhotoStick lets you access any files on the device from any computer and can connect to your phone or tablet too. You do not need to keep track of passwords or try to remember an email address or username. Any device with a USB port can connect to ThePhotoStick and view all the saved data. Keep in mind that you may need an extension on some devices to view specific file formats.

Backup Support

A recent survey found that more than 30% of people experienced a hard drive failure in the past. Depending on the type of failure, this can mean that experts cannot recover any of the data from your computer. Even if they can recover some of the data, they likely cannot restore everything. Not only do you risk losing the papers that you wrote in school and an upcoming work presentation, but you’ll lose that video of your child’s first steps and the photos that you took with old friends. ThePhotoStick offers a convenient way for you to backup your data and lets you save copies of everything on your computer or just the files that are important to you.

What Causes Hard Drive and Computer Failures?
  • Water damage
  • Computer viruses
  • Disk failure
  • Excessive heat
  • Fan damage
No More Duplicates

Have you ever tried using a flash drive to back up your system before? If so, you probably know that it did not recognize the files that it saved before. This can result in a flash drive filled with hundreds of duplicate files that have the same name with just a letter or symbol to distinguish between them. ThePhotoStick can remember the files that you saved and skip over them as it scans. It only saves files that it recognizes are different from the last scan, which includes those you recently updated. This also reduces the number of files it stores to give you more use later.

Automatic Searches

With most flash drives, you need to manually select all the files that you want to save. The chances are good that you’ll forget about some of those you saved in different folders. Not all of the files that you transfer to your computer will go into the same folder.

You might have folders for online images, family photos, videos and images that you need for work and school. ThePhotoStick automatically searches for you and can recognize photos and videos that you forgot about and save a copy on the USB stick. It takes mere minutes to set up ThePhotoStick and a few additional minutes to do a scan.

The best way to think of ThePhotoStick is as a flash drive that can do more than you expect.

Automatic Searches
Low Prices and Bulk Discounts

Another benefit of buying ThePhotoStick is that you can take advantage of low prices and bulk discounts when you buy online. This little tool works so well that no one could blame you if you wanted to buy a few for your friends and family. With our link, you save up to half off the original retail cost. If you buy more than one of ThePhotoStick, you can drop the price of each additional unit by 40% too. Buying in bulk is a good way to cover the needs of your whole office because you can pass them out and let workers share them. You may want to buy more than one if you’re in school too as you can dedicate one to each of your top classes.


1 TB Option

You might look at the 128 GB version of ThePhotoStick and assume that you’ll never need more storage as it can hold a maximum of 60,000 files. If you love taking photos at parties and events though, you may find that you need more storage. Those who take hundreds of photos at each event need more storage than even the 128 GB can deliver. That is why the makers of ThePhotoStick now give you the option of a 1 TB model that can hold thousands of photos and videos. You also have the choice of buying multiple drives, which lets you use one for family photos and a second for work, photos with your friends or your favorite videos.


Tips for Deciding Which of ThePhotoStick Devices is Best for You.
  • Consider how much you want to spend
  • Count the number of photos and videos on your computer
  • Look at how many files you saved on other devices
  • Think about how often you take images and videos
  • Factor in the upcoming events where you’ll have your camera


Single-Click Design

If you want one reason to buy ThePhotoStick, it will probably be its one-click design. Are you tired of searching through your computers every week just to find the photos you want to send to your friends and those you want to share on Facebook or Instagram? With the one-click design of ThePhotoStick, you only need to click one button once you insert the drive and let it run. That tells the drive that you want it to find all your photos and will let it create copies. Though it can be a little confusing the first time that you run the stick, it will become much easier to use it after you become familiar with how it works.

Choice of Colors

The makers of popular flash drives now offer those tools in a variety of colors, but they usually only offer those new colors to those willing to spend a little more. For a basic flash drive, you can only choose between red, black and silver. Samsung also makes flash drives in trendy colors such as rose gold. ThePhotoStick comes in some different colors too. You can choose a sleek black or modern white finish that matches the color of your computer case. If you want something a little different, you might go with a red or yellow finish. Regardless of the color that you choose, the finish of the case will highlight the ThePhotoStick logo on the top.

Wrapping It Up: Why Buy ThePhotoStick?

  • You can choose from standard 8, 64 and 128 GB sizes or upgrade to 1 TB of storage.
  • ThePhotoStick can work with newer and older operating systems from both Apple and Windows to help you retrieve photos that you saved years ago.
  • It comes with an optional app that you’ll find in the app store, which lets you use the flash drive to copy photos and other files from your smartphone and other devices.
  • You can use it as a recovery tool to find the files that you misplaced on your home system and those you thought you deleted.
  • ThePhotoStick doesn’t charge any type of subscription fee.
  • It can create a complete backup when used with any computer or electronic device.
  • Including the moment you put the USB connector in your USB port, you only need to take three steps to use it.
  • You don’t need any special or unique software to run ThePhotoStick.
  • It allows for fast and easy transferring of files across two or more devices.
Cons of ThePhotoStick

While looking at some of the pros of ThePhotoStick is helpful, you’ll also want to consider the cons and the reasons why past customers wrote negative reviews about this product. A common issue that many brought up is that ThePhotoStick works the same way as any other flash drive but costs more. When you consider that some of those flash drives are not compatible with Macs and iPads, it’s easy to see why it’s worth the cost. It also allows you to use one device for all of your computers and electronics as it comes with a cord that works with Apple and Android products.

We also found that some customers received an error message when using ThePhotoStick. It started scanning for files and then stopped and displayed an error message. They needed to unplug the stick and start the scan again but got the same message. Some also complained that it worked fine a few times and that it then stopped working or that their computers could no longer recognize it. If you encounter any of these problems, pull up the website of ThePhotoStick and click on the chat icon to speak with the customer service team. As long as you can prove that the device doesn’t work, they should offer a full refund or let you return it for a new stick.

Other Issues with ThePhotoStick
  • The site doesn’t always accept returns of products that stopped working
  • You might find that it doesn’t locate all of your photos and videos
  • It doesn’t come with tips or instructions on using ThePhotoStick
  • Some reported waiting weeks for a replacement
  • Shipping can take four weeks or more
  • It may arrive with the product already corrupted
  • ThePhotoStick doesn’t always retain the original names of your files

Where to Buy ThePhotoStick

The best place to buy ThePhotoStick is right here. You can choose from all three models that are available and get a discount when you buy more than one. The prices start at $34.99 for the 8GB stick, which lets you save 30% off the original retail cost. If you want the 64GB, you can save 37% and pay only $49.99. The 128GB is the biggest model and costs the most, but when you use our link, you can get it for only $79.99, which is a savings of 50%. Buying the 128GB also gives you free shipping and handling.

No matter which one of ThePhotoStick models you buy, you get a savings of 30% or more and can save even more when you buy in bulk. With our link, you can save 40% on each additional stick that you buy. Unlike other links that you might find that take you to a page with a limited time offer, our link is always valid. You can click on it right now to place your order or wait until you reach the end of our review and still take advantage of those big savings. ThePhotoStick can save space on your computer and money too.

With our link, you can save big on any of ThePhotoStick models.


QARFEE Flash Drive

One of the main issues with ThePhotoStick is that it is simply a thumb drive or flash drive. You can find just as many alternatives when you search the web, and you can find products that have more storage space and some that work with other devices.

One example is the QARFEE Flash Drive that works with both computers and smartphones. It has a light pink finish and is available in other finishes too.

This flash drive has 128 GB of storage and comes with outputs that are compatible with Android and Apple smartphones as well as most computers.

Samsung BAR Plus USB Flash Drive

Those looking to save money who want to buy from a reputable company might choose the Samsung BAR Plus USB Flash Drive. It offers 128 GB of storage and has a compact design for those who want to carry it in a pocket. The included keychain lets you carry the flash drive on your keys to ensure that you can keep track of it. This flash drive is resistant to temperature changes, magnets and x-rays and is shock-proof too.

SanDisk Cruzer

Another alternative that we found to ThePhotoStick is the SanDisk Cruzer, which has an impressive 256 GB of internal storage.

It does not require any unique software to use and comes with password protection that you can add for extra safety.

The only downside to this flash drive is that it has a cheap plastic case that can break.

Final Verdict

Reviews of ThePhotoStick are mixed because while this is a handy tool, it is quite similar to a flash drive or thumb drive. As you can see in our section on the competition, you can get a good flash drive for less money that has just as much storage space or more storage. One thing to keep in mind about those alternatives is that some have a cheap and flimsy plastic shell. If you drop the drive or carry it in your pocket, the plastic can crack and leave the components exposed, which can lead to the loss of your files. You also risk that plastic degrading from the heat.

ThePhotoStick is an alternative to traditional thumb drives because it is easy to use and doesn’t need any fancy software. You can plug it into your computer and instantly create a backup or store some of your favorite videos and photos in a safe place. As it comes in three different sizes, you can pick the size that works based on the number of new files that you create every week too. If you need a flash drive that is compatible with all top operating systems and will work with the big file formats, make it ThePhotoStick.