Kodama, the San Francisco-based start-up and creator of the Trinus 3D printer, has designed its next-generation model and it’s attracting some much-deserved attention. Introducing Obsidian – the first 3D printer under $100 that produces high-quality professional-grade prints.

Affordable 3D Printing

With a 120 x 120 x 120mm build volume and a layer thickness of 50-350 microns, the Obsidian is capable of printing with ABS and PETG materials and appeals to beginner DIYers and seasoned 3DP hobbyists. “We wanted to create a 3D printer that defies what’s on the market,” said Michael Husmann, the ex-Apple employee and founder said in a recent company press release. “A sleek design, high-quality printing, and customizable – all starting under $100.”

“Thanks to the Obsidian, Kodama’s plan to democratize high-quality 3D printing has taken a giant leap forward.”

Obsidian’s price point gives small businesses, educational institutions, DIYers access to a high-precision 3D printer without breaking the bank. Supported by a durable aluminum chassis, the Obsidian has a heat range between 180 – 250 degrees Celsius and produces layered models at 70mm/second speeds.

New Generation of FDM 3D Printers

Fresh off the success of its all-metal 2-in-1 Trinus 3D printer/laser engraver that raised $1.6 million from Kickstarter, Kodama plans to “inspire a new wave of makers” with its affordable Obsidian model. From its 2-megapixel webcam that monitors prints remotely to the intuitive 3.2″ TFT touch screen that controls all your settings, the Obsidian is equipped with all of the interactive technology featured in models at the $1,000 price point.

Considered to be the “first self-developed 3D printer,” Kodama plans to launch its Kickstarter campaign mid-June (2017). With an early-bird special priced at $49 and the MSRP estimated at $99, the Obsidian 3D printer will certainly attract a wide range of backers from the DIYer to the seasoned 3D hobbyist.


Plug and Play: Obsidian comes fully assembled, making it easy to get printing started in a few minutes.

Smart Display: Obsidian’s UI was tailor-made for Kodama by automobile UX designers to be inviting for beginners while packing all the controls a power user needs.

App Control: Obsidian’s Pro’s display runs on Android, allowing a myriad of new features. You’ll
be able to remotely monitor and adjust your print settings while recording time lapses and receive prompts when your print is done or if something needs your attention.

Wide Filament Compatibility: Obsidian works with most filaments on the market, making it the ideal 3D printer to complete a variety of projects.

Heated Bed: Expands printing options by allowing the user to print with ABS, PETG, and other filament types. Only available with Obsidian PRO.

Exclusive Obsidian PLA: Obsidian is a naturally formed volcanic crystal. This filament contains real crushed Obsidian powder stones and is only available through Kodama.

About Kodama

Kodama is a small San Francisco-based team of entrepreneurs, designers, and engineers working on 3D printing technology. As firm believers in the possibilities of 3D printing, Kodama conceptualizes and delivers products that provide unprecedented value for the global maker community.

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