Handwritten notes are a lost art. The digital world has taken over and we rely on smart devices to organize our office files. Gone are the days of sending a document by fax; instead, we share spreadsheets in the cloud and attach files to group e-mails. Thankfully, with the help of a tablet equipped with a stylus pen, we have the perfect hybrid between the digital organizer without compromising the personalization that comes with written correspondence.

Sony’s DPT-RP1

Introducing Sony’s Digital Paper Tablet – innovative technology that combines the connectivity of a smart device with the functionality of traditional office filing system. Called the DPT-RP1, Sony’s latest e-paper tablet is a major upgrade from its predecessor whether it’s resolution, memory, connectivity, down to a full suite of workflow features.

The new-look DPT comes with a new pen-friendly screen that measures 8.8 x 11.9 x 0.2 inches (224 x 302.6 x 5.9 mm). Weighing less than 1 oz (350 g), the highly anti-glare tablet has a resolution of 1,650 x 2,200 – making the smaller text more readable. By simply moving your tablet from a vertical position to horizontal, you can display two pages of documents, side-by-side, whether it’s a Profit and Loss statement in a PDF format or the next quarter’s budget on the excel spreadsheet.

Seven Preset Templates

From the spreadsheet grid to the daily planner to the college-ruled format, users have the option of seven preset background templates depending upon your intended use. If you need to prepare for tomorrow’s presentation by taking detailed notes, simply mark the most important sections of data with a star or asterisk and voila – instantly summon you highlighted content with the document file search function.

Sony’s goal was rather simple while designing its Digital Paper Tablet: To make it the most user-friendly document-sharing office tablet in the world. Just having a stylus pen to operate the tablet is a game-changer. Equipped with two buttons, the stylus can switch between writing, erasing, and highlighting text with ease. By roughing up the tablet’s surface, Sony was able to recreate the feeling of writing on a traditional legal pad. It also gives the stylus some much-needed traction as it moves from document to document.

Holds up to 10,000 Files

By quadrupling the tablet’s memory from 4GB to 16GB, Sony is hoping to revolutionize how we store office documents. According to Sony, the DPT-RP can hold up to 10,000 files, which is equivalent to most small sized accounting firms. As for compatibility, like most smart tablets, you can easily share documents with Mac and Windows devices via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB cable. The uploading, downloading, sharing process is just as seamless with any cloud server.

The most notable upgrade to Sony’s Digital Tablet: The NFC payment method. Simply hover your smartphone or other NFC card over the device and instantly create a contactless payment method. The much-anticipated Digital Paper tablet by Sony is scheduled for release on June 5th in Japan.

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