Like all visual media, photography certainly has its share of diehard devotees. Visit any popular vacation destination or other attraction and you’ll be sure to find at least a few people pointing their Canon or Nikon cameras at whatever they find particularly interesting or inspiring.


Now, some things about photography haven’t changed since the very first photograph was taken in France in the 1820s. In basically all cases, photographs are meant to document the states of their subjects as they are at the particular time the pictures are taken. Of course, the exact reasons for documenting the state of one’s subject vary widely. Over two centuries of photography, the “tones” of photos have included serious, humorous, nostalgic, and promotional.


Photography as Art

One purpose to photography that we didn’t mention is art. The question has sometimes been posed: “Is photography art?” Perhaps no objective answer to that exists. Professional photographers, and even amateurs who own a high-quality camera and take pictures as a hobby, would likely argue that photography is as much an art form as painting or drawing. In the photographer’s case, subjects must be staged properly, lighting has to be just right, and the photographer must understand the workings and nuances of the camera itself.


Think about photographic art for a moment, the kinds of pieces you’d see in a museum. What typically are their subjects? This will vary, but some basic areas of photographer interest are nature, the sky, out-of-the-way parts of a metropolis, and close-ups of the human body.


Photographers who work in the field long enough seem to know a good photo op when they see one. Maybe they’ll be passing by an abandoned alleyway or a certain type of clearing in the forest and become inspired. Maybe they create numerous alternative versions in their heads of the kind of history this place has. A photographer might then desire to document one or a few images of the subject, hoping to capture the thing for what it is and what it may have been in the past.


And while that all sounds rather serious and even a little dreary, it’s obviously the case that photography is whatever you want to make of it. Different photos mean different things to different people, but have you ever really thought about how ubiquitous pictures are to everyone’s life experiences? It’s something few people even think about, and yet stop anyone on the street and ask if they have a picture of their mother or wife or husband or pet, and the vast majority of them will likely say that they do. These pictures need not all be distant memories that conjure up bittersweet memories of someone they’ve lost. Maybe they’re fun or comically weird. Maybe they feature you and your siblings posing in absurd ways. Maybe you’ve added some wacky graphics to the background to put the finishing comedic touches on your picture.



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