Hey guys, OSRS is back! Yeah, Old School RuneScape is back and if you love playing the game, then chances that you want to get your hands on an OSRS game guide to make the most of it. It is no secret the Old School Runescape is an iconic MMORPG game, and people have been playing it on their computers for over a decade now. Here is some excellent news, the game is now available on mobile too! 

The Ultimate Old School RuneScape Playing Guide

If you are familiar with the computer version of OSRS, then you know that the game will allow you to explore the vast Gielinor world and design your own characters. While other games have challenges for players to solve, Old School RuneScape offers you so much more. So, what is there for you to do?

 OSRS Tricks and Tips to Make the Game Worth While


In this piece, we will be providing you with an Old School RuneScape gaming guide that we believe will help you make the most of the game. There isn’t a doubt that learning one or two tricks and some tips will help you get better at the game. From ways to make more money to solving quests, here is what you can do on OSRS to get the most out of it.


1.         Making Money

 Honestly, it is almost impossible not to make any money on RuneScape. Chopping down some trees, mining for metal and other activities might seem pointless, but in RuneScape, they have a value. So, if you want to make some quick bucks on OSRS, go out to the fields and chop down a tree or two or mine for metal – after all, you need the money, right! If you want an easier way try Food 4 RS


2.         Selling Items

 The other thing you need to know when playing Old School RuneScape is how to sell the items you own on the game. It is recommended that you visit the Grand Exchange – which is where you sell or buy anything you want in Gielinor. Here, you should find everything you want from party hats to bare essentials.


The Grand Exchange is located in Varrock, which is to the north of Lumbridge. However, if you have just started playing the game, which means you have a new account, it is advisable that you avoid the Grand Exchange for now. Consider building up your inventory first then visit the Exchange later for better luck.


Old School Runescape mysteries


3.         Take on the Quests

 When it comes to RuneScape, remember that the game has lots of quests – more than you think. From doing simple tasks like mining for metal or cutting down a few trees to more difficult tasks like clearing the dungeon, you should be able to find missions that reward your efforts.


 4.         Make Friends

 Another thing to consider doing while playing OSRS is to make friends. While this might seem like a ridiculous thing, it is worth doing. Old School RuneScape is a game with so much to do and some of the quests in the game can’t be accomplished alone. You can benefit from making friends on OSRS.


5.         Avoid the Wild

Last but not least, it is advisable that you avoid the wild on OSRS. The Old School RuneScape wilderness is where you can release some of your aggression to other players. It is where players are free to challenge each other to death duels where the winner takes all from the slain player. 

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