When it comes to gadgets for girls, companies do not always understand that it is impossible to make a device female by simply painting it pink. According to the researchers of the design laboratory Femme Den, to please women, a gadget must be customized, pleasant-looking, and comfortable. Some manufacturers are taking care of the fairer sex, creating useful gadgets that are at beautiful at the same time. We present to you the top 7 coolest gadgets to give to your girlfriend as a gift 2019.


  1. Smart Music Flowerpot

Does your girlfriend love not only plants but also music? Then this will be a great gift for her. This singing flowerpot is controlled via Bluetooth and can not only play your lady’s favorite songs but also arrange a real light show using the built-in backlight. The gadget charges via USB with all electronics safely secured from the soil. Blue, white, or pink – the unique gift can be found in different colors.


  1. Fitness tracker Bellabeat Leaf Nature

Fitness trackers are not uncommon in the modern world, but they hardly fit the elegant style of a modern woman. Many are good for the gym but not for work or social events. Bellabeat found a solution to this problem by creating a fitness tracker that is able to adorn even a business suit or evening dress. An unknowing observer would never guess that this is a smart watch, not a piece of jewelry. You can wear Bellabeat Leaf Nature around your neck, fasten it on a piece of clothing, or wear it on your wrist like similar fitness trackers.

The outer look of this fitness tracker is not the only thing that women like, this gadget is particularly useful with functionality customized for women. The Bellabeat is able to track menstrual cycle, monitor stress levels, help in meditation, in addition, to general features such as a pedometer, calorie counter, and smart alarm clock. Another advantage of the tracker is the absence of the need to charge it – the installed battery is rated to last for six months!

This is a great gift for any woman who likes sports. You can find such women for marriage and cast your lot exactly with a pretty girl who will play sports together with you.


  1. Bedside lamp Xiaomi (Mi) Yeelight Smart

Girls appreciate the Xiaomi (Mi) Yeelight Smart bedside lamp for its ability to create a romantic atmosphere. The lamp has 16 million colors and can be used as a night-light or reading lamp. It is controlled through the application or through a touchpad on the lamp. It is also possible to turn off Xiaomi (Mi) Yeelight Smart through a timer function.


  1. HiMirror: Smart Mirror

This gadget is a smart cosmetic mirror made by the Orwellian company. It is equipped with a 10-inch LCD-touchscreen and a high-resolution camera. HiMirror: Smart Mirror supplies a reflection of your face with all kinds of helpful advice. This smart gadget is created to recognize the ten major cosmetic defects: sickly look, pigmentation, congested skin, hydration, dark and red patches, roughness, dark under-eye circles, wrinkles, and facial lines. All that could be found is displayed.


  1. Everpurse bag

In the era of high technology, rechargers for mobile devices are a must-have attribute for every modern lady. If the battery is flat, it is no longer a problem because there is an Everpurse – a portable power supply that is built into a fashionable bag. When you do not use your smartphone, you can put it in your Everpurse to charge the battery. The power of such a hi-tech bag is enough up to two full phone charges per day without any wires. You simply place the device in a special slot, and it charges.


  1. Audio Clutch Rebecca Minkoff for Stellé Audio

If your clutch does not charge the phone, it can play your favorite songs. Southern California’s Stellé Audio Couture teamed up with a designer Rebecca Minkoff to create a stylish clutch with integrated Bluetooth wireless technology and speakers. So you get 2 things in 1 – designer clutch accompanied with your favorite music.


  1. Smart Comb Kerastase Hair Coach

On the bristles of the comb, there are sensors that collect information about the structure of the hair and scalp. Among them are a microphone, gyroscope, accelerometer (measures the acceleration of the object) and a conductometric sensor (collects data on pressure and temperature). Information is transmitted to the mobile application where you can conduct an analysis. Referring to this information, Kerastase experts give tips on proper care for your hair.