The world is not as safe as at once was. Even the people we hire to work in our houses have secrets or behave in ways we might deem improper of our household at some moment. Setting up a surveillance camera can work well to keep people in check, but what happens when they figure out the blind spots of your security system? It might sound preposterous, but certain TV shows have given ideas like these to workers who will always behave in front of a camera but do as they please when they can hide from it.


Technology That Makes our Lives Easier

How can we deal with this? Convenience is the word, and an appliance that everybody uses can be disguised as a security camera these days, that’s why the Wall Charger Spy Camerais one of the best options out there to keep our homes under surveillance and get a glimpse of the natural behavior of the people working on it when we are away. The device has the perfect disguise: a fully functional USB charger that can be placed on any power socket and can charge the smart device of anyone who plugs it in. Now you can see if your nanny treats your kids’ right when you are not home or if the house caregivers and home-cleaners are doing their jobs.


Why Choose the Wall Charger Spy Camera?

In a single word: convenience. The Wall Charger Spy Camerahas one of the best features when it comes to the way to store data and make proper use of the storage space included on the device. This little camera has motion detection technology that gets activated when someone comes close to it within 100 feet. You no longer need to collect hundreds of hours of footage of an empty room to get a glimpse of any occurrence. The Wall Charger Spy Camera can capture up to eight hours of footage, and it will catch only the significant movements that happen inside any room they are located. The high grain microphone placed on it will also record all forms of audio when it gets activated.


What else can The Wall Charger Spy Camera Do?

This USB charger does an excellent job as a spy camera. It comes ready to use right out of the box, and it doesn’t need any special software to be handled. Batteries are not required since the camera takes everything it needs directly from the power outlet is plugged on. The Wall Charger Spy Camera is priced at $40, and it’s a bargain when you consider how expensive it can be a full security system with close-captioned monitoring. The plug-and-use feature of the device it’s handy when you want to explore the footage since you only need to place the charger in a USB port on your laptop or PC and you will have instant access to the recordings.


An Objective Opinion with the Product in Hand

Most of these USB spy devices are incredibly useful. The design and functionality of the Wall Charger Spy Camera is very basic, but it works as advertised. The device itself only looks slightly bigger than an average USB charger, but the camera itself it’s not obvious at all. The black matte encasing makes sure of that, even as the surface is clear enough to film everything the motion sensor detects in the targeted distance. The only concern we have with this product is how functional it can be on certain households that might not have power outlets in sight to make use of it properly. However, the field views of the camera are wide enough to catch a glimpse of any room in full HD definition running at 1080p.

The Wall Charger Spy Camera is a product that doesn’t disappoint. It can be used for many situations where you need eyes in a room at certain moments. Even If it’s just to supervise your kids or protect your hidden safe, make sure to pick this one up. With a little creativity, you will always have recorded evidence of any wrongdoing that takes place at your house.


When you buy the Wall Charger Spy Camera you get:

  • A small motion-activated camera that resembles down to the front slot a regular USB charger
  • A fully functional charging cube that doesn’t raise a spec of suspicion
  • A high-gain microphone capable of recording audio within 100 feet of the charger
  • A storing device that can hold up to 8 hours of video and audio
  • One of the least expensive home surveillance systems ever created