If you looked back only two years ago for the best smartwatches for women, you would find that the smartwatch industry was rather disappointing when it came to the ‘women’s category.’

Smartwatches initially began as a product that specifically catered to men, and had a pretty set style which concentrated more on functionality than looks.

But over time they grew into incredibly stylish and practical devices that along with fulfilling the needs of both the sexes, became perfect for everyday use and storing all your vital information.

With unique and attractive designs, smartwatches are not just a high-tech garment anymore, but they are now styling accessories and a worthwhile purchase for every modern woman.

From displaying messages to popping caller id notifications, today’s smartwatches are made into sophisticated pieces that can do a lot more than just tell the time.

And if you are wondering which product can fit your needs the most, then we have a review on three of the best smartwatches that you can choose from.

So, sit back and read along.

  1. Kate Spade New York Scallop

This watch is all about incorporating the brand’s first Wear OS into Kate Spade’s iconic scallop design. This brings the critical feature of fitness tracking and detail around the bezel, thereby making the device one of the most stylish smartwatches in the market.

When it comes to features, the New York Scallop’s simplistic design packs a punch. With a 1.19-inch AMOLED display and no flat tire, it comes with ambient light and touch screen sensor along with a convenient google assistant app, which is voice activated.

But what truly impressed us about this model, is the ‘Choose your Look’ app. It is the unique feature that will allow you to change the color of the dial to suit your mood and even your outfit. Operating it is extremely simple as well; just tap the icon around the spade, pick your outfit settings, and you’re all set.

The watch screen has a 390 x 390 resolution, which can make the overall size of the watch rather large for smaller wrists. It also doesn’t have the ‘Google Play’ feature, which might be significant let down for a lot of customers who prefer music as they workout.


  • Touchscreen 1.19-inch AMOLED display with fantastic ambient lighting.
  • Stylish Kate Spade’s iconic scallop design.
  • Choose your look app lets you customize the dial.
  • Google assistant with voice activation features.


  • Dial and screen resolution can feel awfully large on smaller wrists.
  • Lacks the Google Play App.
  1. Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

This watch is for all the swimmers out there. The most exciting feature about the Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch is its water resistance, which is almost up to 50 meters. This makes it an ideal companion for all forms of extreme water sports and deep sea diving.

And if you have a lot of IoT compatible or smart devices lying around the house, then this device is sure to be your pick for the day. As via the Samsung Connect app, the Gear Sport can be used to remotely control smart appliances such as lights, door locks and TVs with just the turn of the bezel.

‘Pay on the go’ is another feature that not many smartwatches are equipped with. Samsung has made the Gear Sport compatible with the Samsung Pay NFC app; this can allow you to make a payment from your wrist with just the tap of a few buttons.

But the Gear Sport disappoints when it comes to fitness tracking, and it’s not as accurate as we had hoped. The steps tracking during a run is somewhat inconsistent, and the watch also doesn’t display any notification history per app.


  • Water resistance up to 50 meters makes it one of the most water sports savvy smartwatch.
  • Samsung Pay NFC compatibility allow one to make payments on the go.
  • Samsung Connect app makes the watch capable of controlling other smart devices.
  • Extremely high battery backup with wireless charging.


  • Steps tracking during a run is inaccurate.
  • Doesn’t display notification history per app.
  1. Apple Watch Series 4

No matter which forums you check or which recent ‘top smartwatch list’ you go through, the Apple Watch is going to be at the pinnacle of every website.

With the latest in the line-up; ‘the Series 4’, Apple has taken the base model of the Series 3 and given it a much-needed overhaul. They made the Series 4 much bigger and gave it two sizes of 40mm and 44mm.

It is installed with the latest ‘watchOS5’ and includes some amazing features such as waterproofing, swim tracking and a built-in GPS. The Series 4 also comes with LTE capabilities for making calls when you are away from your phone.

But what truly captures our fancy and sets the Series 4 a class apart, is the built-in ECG. Though it’s only available in the US now, the health benefits it can provide in the future is virtually limitless.

The Apple Watch 4 is jam-packed with the latest in smartwatch technology and the most accurate activity tracking features. And this is one of the reasons why it’s the most expensive smartwatch in the market and out of reach for most ordinary buyers.

Another aspect which we believe is quite disadvantageous is that the Apple Watch is only compatible with other Apple Devices.


  • Is installed with the latest ‘watchOS5’.
  • Built-in ECG function that can effectively measure your hearts systolic and diastolic functions.
  • Contains features such as water swim tracking and a built-in GPS.
  • LTE compatible for making calls when away from the phone.


  • Quite expensive and not affordable for the average buyers.
  • Only compatible with iPhones.

Final Thoughts.

From water sports tracking to calling and to boasting an amazing design, the smartwatch market of 2018 is filled with fantastic devices that cater to a variety of needs.

And we hope that our list today was able to help you out with your decision as you search for the best smartwatches for women.