iReviews has come up with its list of the 5 Best Smart Projectors of 2017. With most of the projectors on the list falling into the affordable category (under $1,000), we made sure that price did not compromise the most important feature: image quality. With 1080p resolution standard on most DLP units, we had to look outside the box to see what separated these high-quality HD projectors from the competition. Whether it’s 3D compatibility, vertical lens shifting capabilities, HDMI connectivity, or simply the inclusion of Cinematic Color Rec. 709 picture quality, all of the smart projectors selected have state-of-the-art technology that brings the home theater experience to an entirely new level.

Whether it’s the BenQ HT3050, the Optoma HD142X, the Viewsonic PRO7827, LG’s ProBeam, or Sony’s LSPX-P1, here are iReviews’ Best Smart Projectors of 2017.