Whether it’s Bluetooth Location Awareness technology or a built-in GPS tracking device, it’s hard to lose smart luggage these days. Connected via an intuitive app that tells you the weight of your check-in suitcase or if the digital lock is activated, the modern day traveler has peace of mind around the safekeeping of their belongings. The travel industry has seen a sudden boost in smart luggage technology and it appears to be a welcomed upgrade for the frequent flyer. iReviews has put together its list of the Best Smart Luggage of 2017 and it includes FUGU Luggage, Travelmate, Modobag, the Bluesmart Suitcase, and the Raden A22 Carry-on. All of these suitcases, carry-on or check-in, are designed to withstand the rigors of habitual travel. It’s just a matter of choosing your personal preference when it comes to bells and whistles.