Bondic Review 2020



Ease of Use 96%
Durability 98%
Price 96%
Drying Time 100%
Material Compatibility 98%
Resilience 98%


  • Works on all materials, including wood, plastic and metal
  • Easy to use
  • Forms both permanent and temporary bonds
  • Dries quickly


  • Not suitable for kids under the age of 13
  • Requires a lot of adhesive
  • Only works with the included UV light
  • Can leak a little


Offers a convenient and easy way to glue objects around the house. It is resistant to heat and water, which makes it good for outdoor projects too and can replace most adhesives that you typically use.

Here at iReviews, we want to provide our readers with all the information they need about a new product. Whether you’re in the market for a new mower or swimming pool for your yard or glue to handle repairs around the house, you can trust our team to help you find the best items. One of the newer products that can come in handy when working in your garage or around the house is Bondic. Unlike basic glues that create a temporary bond, Bondic creates a durable bond when you used with plastic. You can think of Bondic as a type of plastic welding material.

Our Bondic review covers what Bondic is and how you can use it as well as which projects and applications are the best. We’ll also look at some of the competition on the market and how those other products compare to Bondic.

Once you feel comfortable buying the plastic welding product, you can use our affiliate link and see how much it costs and if there are discounts for new or regular shoppers. Now is the best time to see how Bondic works and if it’s the solution to all of your plastic repair and welding jobs at home.

Bondic just might be the ultimate solution to your plastic repair needs.”

What is Bondic?

Bondic is an alternative to traditional glue that works on most types of plastic and other materials, including glass, wire and fabric. With regular glue, you usually apply a few dabs to a surface and then use some type of clamp to keep it secured until the glue dries. Bondic is different because it is a welding kit that comes with a liquid plastic that responds to a UV light. It goes on just as smoothly as glue does but works with the ultraviolet light to form a tight seal or bond that will not break. This is a product that you can use when other types of glues won’t work. We’ll get into the details on how and where you can use it in some of the other sections on this page.

The most important thing to know is that Bondic is an alternative to products such as superglue, which can create a big mess. With superglue, you risk gluing your skin to your repairs or creating a bond that cannot handle any type of movement. Superglue can also feel sticky to the touch and form a bond that breaks when you apply a small amount of pressure. For permanent bonds and tight seals, you’ll want to use Bondic.

Product Features

  • Drying Source: UV light
  • Drops Per Package: 80
  • Expiration Date: None
  • Material Compatibility: Wood, metal, fabric, plastic, PVC, Kevlar
  • Drying Time: Seconds
Bondic is an easy to use alternative to super glue

How Can You Use Bondic?

Bondic is one of the few adhesives that you can use in place of a 3D printer. It allows you to use a mold to create a brand new item to replace a broken or missing part. You can use Bondic to restore broken products too such as a bookshelf with a wobbly leg. When used as a standard glue, it can create a temporary or permanent hold/bond. Let’s say that you want to permanently glue the front cover of a book back onto the back. With a clamp, you can use the Bondic to secure the cover to the book and clamp it until it finishes bonding. Some of the other ways that you can use Bondic include:

  • Getting control over the strength of a bond
  • Filling in gaps or missing items
  • Sealing products to keep them safe from water and other types of damage
  • Replacing missing or broken car parts
  • Making new molds

This is such a good product because of how quickly it hardens and the durability of that hardness. Bondic is free of the solvents that can make your head spin and has a long shelf life to ensure that it is ready for your upcoming projects. as it dries to a clear finish, you can use it on products of various colors. Bondic is also one of the only adhesives that you can sand or paint as needed.

With Bondic, you can repair metal, plastic, wood and much more

What Do You Get When You Buy the Bondic Liquid Plastic Welding Kit?

Bondic wants to make sure that you have everything you need at your fingertips, which is why the basic kit that you can buy with our kit includes the following:

  • Ultraviolet light wand
  • Applicator tip
  • Carrying case
  • Bondic liquid weld adhesive

The liquid weld adhesive and ultraviolet light wand are two of the more important parts that come in the box. You need to follow the instructions to attach the bottle of the adhesive to the base of the wand. It also includes an applicator tip, which allows you to easily add a dab of the solution to the object.

To make things even easier for you, the makers of Bondic also give you a carrying case. This case looks like those that hold designer pens and is large enough to accommodate all the parts. The case helps you store all the parts in the same place for future repairs.

How to Use Bondic

While you can see some of the jobs where Bondic comes in handy above, you likely want to know how you can use the product too. Using Bondic is easy because the packaging includes everything you need. When you open the box, you’ll notice that you get a wand that acts as both the adhesive and the UV light. Though you usually do not need to do any prep work before using the tool, it’s helpful to sand the surface lightly with a fine-grit sandpaper. This creates a slightly rough surface that helps the welding kit bond to the item. You’ll also want to clean the product first to remove any debris that can interfere with how the product works.

If you need to repair the earpiece on your glasses, you’ll clean the earpiece and dry it. You can then apply one drop of the adhesive and carefully press the edge of the piece against the side of your glasses. Hold the Bondic wand in one hand and turn on the ultraviolet light. As long as this light shines on the substance for four to five seconds or more, it will create a dependable bond. You can use the same steps if you want to bond any other two items or objects together.

One of the best things about Bondic is that it dries to a clear finish that you can then paint. Before painting the repair, you need to make sure that the substance is dry and done curing. You may want to lightly buff the surface with sandpaper before applying the paint. It’s helpful to use a sponge brush to make sure that the paint goes on smoothly. You can also apply a clear sealant to protect the repair.

Where Can You Use Bondic?

When using other adhesive substances, you will find that you have some limits because those products only work on specific materials. Super glue typically cannot form a tight bond when used with wood because of the pores in the wood. While white glue works well on craft projects, it doesn’t form the permanent seal that you want. Bondic is something that you can use on any material and with any project. It can work with plastic such as the earpieces on your glasses and your kids’ toys. If you need to repair wood, you can use Bondic, and it also works on metal. Many people who work in science fields use Bondic to repair their lab equipment. You’ll also find that people use Bondic to repair electronics. It can even handle some automotive jobs.

One big difference between Bondic and other adhesives is that you can use it in a liquid form. Unless you apply the ultraviolet light, the substance will stay in a liquid form that is tacky or sticky to the touch. This lets you create a temporary hold for as long as you want. When you need a permanent bond, just turn on the light and hold it against the liquid plastic until the bond forms.

What Materials Can You Use with Bondic?

Wood, Metal, Wire, Plastic, Cloth, Laminate

What Can You Do if Bondic Spills?

Removing dried super glue is extremely difficult because this type of glue sets so quickly. While you can use acetone, that liquid can damage any of the materials that it touches and still leave behind some residue. You may even need to use sandpaper or a chisel to scrape off the glue. Bondic is much easier to remove because you can do this while the substance is wet or after it dries. As long as you used the substance on an item that isn’t absorbent, you can remove any that spills.

The easiest way to do this is with an organic solvent such as isopropyl alcohol, which you may already have on-hand for computer cleaning. You should work in a ventilated area or wear gloves and a mask. Pour the solution in a small glass jar. You can then dip a cotton swab in the jar and apply the liquid to the area covered with the Bondic. Depending on how many layers of Bondic there are, you may need to go over the surface several times. You can also use a small brush for this job to get a little more control over where the liquid goes. Organic cleaning solvents will work on both wet and dry versions of Bondic.

In addition to isopropyl alcohol, you can remove Bondic with acetone and hexane. No matter what cleaner you use, you can follow the same steps.

Who’s This For?

Dr. Thomas Offerman was a dentist working in Germany who often used dental bonding kits to create new teeth and orthodontic devices for his patients. A patient watched how the product worked and asked if he could borrow the kit for a weekend. He explained to the dentist that he wanted to use a small amount of the bonding material on a wire in his microscope because he knew that the UV light would quickly create the bond that he needed.

Dr. Offerman was so impressed with the man’s idea that he decided to create a similar welder that anyone could use. Though it took three years for Bondic to reach the market, it quickly became a popular product, especially after receiving the Retailers Choice Award. Anyone who wants to do repairs at home and needs permanent solutions will appreciate Bondic. We recommend this product for many shoppers, including:

  • Auto enthusiasts
  • Arts and crafts lovers
  • Computer users
  • DIY hobbyists

There are very few limits to how you can use Bondic as it works on and with so many materials. You can make a quick hem to the bottom of your pants or create a 3D version of a missing part. Bondic can work in many applications where traditional glue cannot.

How to Hem Jeans with Bondic?

  • Use a measuring tape to determine how much you want to hem the jeans
  • Turn the denim inside out
  • Fold the jeans over to reach the new desired length that you want
  • Apply one drop of the Bondic to the fabric
  • Carefully move the jeans over in your hands as you apply several more dots of the plastic weld to the edges of the fabric
  • Fold the denim a second time to make sure that the plastic weld material touches both sides of the fabric
  • Shine the ultraviolet light onto the jeans for four seconds or longer to create the bond
  • Repeat these steps on the second leg of the pants

How Much Use Can You Get from One Container?

The number of repairs you can get from a single container of Bondic depends on the type of jobs that you have in mind and how often you’ll use it. If you primarily use Bondic for small repairs, you may get a dozen repairs or more from every welding kit that you buy. Small repairs include fixing a phone case that cracked and bonding the wires in an electronic device together. For larger jobs, you may need a full welding kit or even more than one.  You’ll also need at least one full kit for some of the more complex furniture repairs that you have in mind.

Let’s say that you have a bookshelf with a cracked back wall. You’ll want to apply Bondic in small drops along one side of this wall before you press the second wall against the adhesive and then apply the UV light.

For a six-foot-tall or larger bookshelf, you may not get enough Bondic in a single kit to handle this job.

You get around 80 drops of Bondic in each welding kit. If you think that you need more than one welding kit, we highly recommend checking out our “Where to Buy” section because you can get multiple welding kits for a discounted price.

Does Bondic Have an Expiration Date?

You do not need to store Bondic in a specific way because it does not have an expiration date and will not dry out. As long as you keep the wand in the included case, you can use it whenever you want.

Does Bondic Work Around Water?

Finding a good glue that works with water is often difficult, but Bondic is a substance that is water-resistant and safe to use around objects exposed to running water. A good example is a broken or leaky pipe. While you can call a plumber and pay an emergency fee in the middle of the night or on a holiday, you can also use Bondic to temporarily fix the pipe until you have the money for a plumber. You’ll want to turn the water off to your home first and give the pipe a few minutes to remove any excess water. After drying the surface of the pipe, you can apply the Bondic and use the UV light to seal it, which will also seal the pipe shut. This repair will last for weeks and even months.

The only time you cannot use Bondic on a project with running water is if the surface is greasy. If you try to apply Bondic to a slick or oily surface, it cannot bond to it. You can try using a degreaser to get rid of that grease before using Bondic. If the grease comes back though, the substance may peel off after a few days or less.

“Bondic is one of the only adhesives that you can use on leaky pipes and other applications around running water.

What Outdoor Projects Can Bondic Handle?

If you ever tried to use super glue or Gorilla Glue on an outdoor project, you likely found that it could not hold up to the sunshine and steep temperature changes. Bondic can work on most outdoor projects because the adhesive is resistant to both sun and most weather conditions. As it is water-resistant, it will also retain its bond when exposed to rain or snow. Some of the outdoor jobs that Bondic can handle include:

  • Holes and cracks in swimming pools for kids
  • Damage to a portable gas or charcoal grill
  • Cracks in flower pots
  • Chips and holes in paving stones
  • Repairs to concrete lawn and garden statues or ornaments
  • Large or small holes in your patio or deck

With Bondic, you can easily take care of any damage to the tools and supplies that you use outside. Why spend money on a new kiddie pool every year for your kids when you can use Bondic to repair the damage they did the summer before? It also works on the playhouses and other toys they use outside and the decorative planters you use to hold flowers. Bondic will work on metal, wood and other materials that you use outside and create repairs that are resistant to sun, rain and weather

Before repairing a plastic or vinyl kiddie pool, you should drain the water and make sure the surface is dry. You can then apply Bondic.

Can You Use Bondic on Dishes?

Many people pass china dish sets down through their families. You might be lucky enough that your grandmother gave your mother the china that her mother used, which later came to you. Those dishes are family heirlooms that you’ll probably only use a few times a year. If your child drops one, you don’t need to feel your heartbreak because Bondic can easily fix that crack. Bondic can even repair the dish if it broke into two or more parts.

To fix the dish, you’ll want to sand the edges of each broken part. Use the wand to carefully place a dot of the adhesive on the edge. You can space out these dots every inch or so and then press the edges together before applying the UV light. With Bondic, you only need to use a small amount of the adhesive on one of the edges. If the dish broke into several pieces, you can repeat these steps with all the other parts. It’s helpful to hold the dish and apply pressure with both hands to make sure the bond is strong. You can then clean the dish in your dishwasher as Bondic can withstand the water pressure and heat in the appliance.

You can easily use Bondic to repair cracked and broken dishes.

Can Anyone Use Bondic?

White glue is a type of basic glue that schools use. It was probably your first experience gluing paper together and doing craft projects. This type of glue is good for kids because it is nontoxic. Even if they accidentally eat some of the glue, it will not harm them. If you have small children at home, you may want to keep some of that glue on hand to help your kids with their arts and crafts. Though Bondic is safe for kids of most ages, we recommend only letting teenagers use it. Kids tend to put things in their mouths and may eat any of the adhesive that sticks to their skin.

Another reason to avoid letting small children use Bondic is that they may not understand how the wand works. They can easily apply too much pressure and break the wand before you have a chance to use it. If you let any kids under the age of 12 or 13 used Bondic, you should always supervise their work. We also recommend going through the instructions with those kids and practice with the wand a few times to make sure that they understand how it works and you feel comfortable letting them use it.

You simply plug the device into the USB port on one of the kiosks, select the images you want to print, pay and wait for the printer to finish. This allows you to share photos with others without using email or having a printer at home.

White glue goes by a few different names, including craft glue or school glue. It’s one of the best glues for small kids to use.

Should You Buy It?


Why settle for an adhesive that creates a temporary hold that water will break apart? With Bondic, you can create a permanent hold that is resistant to water. While the makers of this welding kit claim that it is waterproof, we found that it is only resistant to water in some situations. It depends on how often you expose the object to water and how closely it comes into contact with the liquid. We like that you can use it spaces that are underwater too, including swimming pools and pipes. Keep in mind that Bondic only becomes resistant to water once it fully dries.

Heat Resistant

In addition to working in and around water, Bondic is also resistant to heat and high-temperature changes. Do you have a wobbly rack in your oven that keeps falling to one side? Maybe you have a button that keeps falling off a floor heater. Thanks to Bondic, you can attach that rack to the side of your oven and keep that button on your heater secured and without worrying about the adhesive failing. If you want to use the welding kit in an extremely hot area such as your oven, we recommend checking on the weld each time you use the appliance to make sure that it still works and is secure.

Is Bondic Just Another Glue?

Bondic is not just another glue because it is more than an adhesive. It functions similarly to the way welding machines do and create a longer-lasting bond in seconds.

Long-Lasting Bonds

Bondic is one of the most resilient adhesives that you’ll find on the market today. Anyone who used any other type of glue before knows that most glues only create temporary bonds. For example, you might fix your broken glasses and then find that the earpiece snaps off the next time that you use it. Bondic creates bonds that last far longer than the bonds that other glues make. If you want a more secure bond, you can apply one layer of the adhesive to the inside of the broken part and use a second layer on the top. Those bonds can last for months, years and even longer.

All Materials

Have you ever went to a home improvement or craft store to look for glue before? If so, you probably found yourself standing in the adhesive aisle and feeling overwhelmed by all your options. While there are wood glues designed for specific projects, you’ll also see glues that claim to work on all surfaces as well as those designed for cloth or plastic. Bondic pulls no punches when it says that it can work on all materials. Though it is a plastic welding kit, it works on much more than just plastic. You can use this kit on outdoor and indoor wood furniture, metal car rims, old clothes and hundreds of other items.

Can You Use Bondic on Charging Cords?

You can use Bondic to repair frayed or damaged charging cords. It works on all types of cords and will keep the interior wires safe. You should unplug the cord from the adapter and electronic before using Bondic.

Fast Drying

No one likes sitting around and watching glue dry, which is why you might use other glues before heading to bed at night. Bondic is an adhesive that you can use in the middle of the day and when you need to make quick repairs because it dries so fast. All it takes is a few seconds under the UV light to get a strong bond. You do not need to apply a wet glue and let it sit for hours or keep your hands clamped/pressed together for five minutes or more. While Bondic comes out as a liquid, it drives in well under 10 seconds.

Cleaner Gluing

Another thing that we like about Bondic is that it offers clean gluing. Super glue comes in tiny packages with a small hole on the top. If you knock it over, that liquid glue can run out and quickly spread across your work surface. It can take valuable minutes to remove the liquid glue and hours to clean dried glue. Bondic is much cleaner and gives you more control. You can apply one small drop at a time without worrying about the liquid pouring it. It stays exactly where you put it too. In cases of spills or accidents, you can easily remove Bondic with an organic solution.

How Long Does Bondic Take to Dry?

Bondic takes less than 10 seconds to dry. After you apply it, turn on the light, point it at the repair and slowly count to four before turning off the light.

Two-in-One Design

One thing that we really like about Bondic is that is is a two-in-one tool. With other similar products, you get a container of glue that is separate from the UV light wand. You’ll need to pour or brush on the glue and then find the wand and turn it on before pointing the light at the adhesive. Bondic puts the welding adhesive in a small container that snaps onto the bottom of the wand. You can both create the weld and the bond with the same tool. Bondic also lets you buy new containers of the adhesive that are compatible with the light wand.

Gap Repairs

Trying to repair gaps in an object with standard glue is next to impossible. You need to apply the glue and wait hours for each layer to dry. With Bondic, you can do this much faster. You just add one layer of the plastic weld to the gap and wait four to five seconds for it to dry with the light wand pointing at it. Once that layer dries, you can add each additional layer that you need and dry it with the ultraviolet light. Depending on the size of the gap that you want to replace, the process may take as little as five to 10 minutes

Tips for Repairing Cracked Aquarium Glass with Bondic

  • Move the fish and marine plants to a safe place
  • Empty the water from the aquarium
  • Dry the glass with a soft cloth
  • Apply a thin layer of Bondic to the crack
  • Place the UV light wand over the Bondic and turn it on for up to five seconds
  • Repeat as necessary until the repaired area matches the surrounding glass
  • Lightly sand the glass if needed
No More Messes

Most of the adhesives and glues that you see in the hardware store come with the possibility of spills. All it takes is one distraction for you to kick the can over and watch in horror as the glue seeps into and spreads across your carpet. Bondic doesn’t come with the risk of those dangers because it gives you all the control that you need. While some customers did find that the welding adhesive leaked from the reservoir, keeping it stored properly can prevent those leaks. You can use the pen design to apply the beads or drops of the adhesive exactly where you want, and you’ll notice that it stays where you placed it. With the included UV light, you can dry the adhesive where it landed to further prevent messes too.

Designed for Long-Term Use

Have you ever grabbed a bottle of super glue a few months after last using it and found that it dried out? Once the glue dries, it will never come out of the bottle and work again. This can happen because you didn’t snap the lid on the top or the glue was beyond its expiration date. Bondic will work anytime you need it because it doesn’t have an expiration date and doesn’t dry out. You can keep the pen stored inside the included case and tucked in a junk drawer or a toolbox. It is also perfect for storing in your car for emergency repairs on the go or your garage. You don’t need to worry about sunlight or heat affecting this adhesive.

Though Bondic comes with an ultraviolet light, it is much easier to use than other UV lights because it puts the control in the palm of your hands.

Reasons Not to Buy Bondic

While we found hundreds of reasons to buy Bondic, we also found some customers who weren’t satisfied with the plastic welding kit. A common complaint was about the amount of the product needed for a simple repair. You can’t expect one dot of the welding adhesive to be strong enough to form a bond that will last forever. Some found that they needed to use the entire container for a basic repair or that one container wasn’t enough for their repairs. If you think that you need more of the adhesive than what you get with one welding kit, you may want to buy one of the bundles or some of the replacement cartridges.

Another issue concerned the included instructions and how poorly they were. One reviewer even thought that the company took the original instructions from another language and translated them into English. When they attempted to follow the instructions, they didn’t let Bondic bond for the full time and found that it didn’t work on objects such as eyeglasses and headphones. We highly recommend reading through the instructions that come with the plastic welding kit and watching videos online to make sure that you understand how it works before using the kit. That can result in fewer issues.

Bondic Cons from Customers

  • Minor pressure can break some of the bonds
  • Does not work if the repaired object is dirty or wet
  • Some of the material can leak out of the reservoir when attached to the light wand
  • Not a good choice for shoe repairs
  • Might not create strong bonds on highly absorbent materials/objects
  • Has a consistency similar to chewing gum when it doesn’t dry properly
  • Can wear down when used on flexible materials

Where to Buy Bondic

The best place to buy Bondic is right here. Not only can you get a good price on this plastic welding kit, but you can avoid the pushy sales tactics that some sites have and get a discounted price when you buy more than one kit. With our link, you can get a single Bondic kit for $19,99 plus shipping and handling. If you want to save more, you can use one of the other available deals. This lets you keep backup kits around for upcoming projects and take care of any big projects on your to-do list.

One deal that we recommend is a buy two, get one free bundle. This drops the cost from the retail price of $59.97 to just $39.98, which is a savings of nearly $20. Another deal gives you two Bondic kits for free when you buy three kits. This lets you pay $59.97 instead of the retail price of $99.95. When you buy either of these bundles, you get free shipping and handling in the United States too. The site lets you use a credit card or branded debit card to pay for your order. You can also buy a Bondic plastic welding kit with PayPal and other payment methods.

1 – Bondic Kit

$19.99 +S&H

5 – Bondic Kits

Buy 3, Get 2 FREE – $59.97

3 – Bondic Kits
Buy 2, Get 1 FREE $39.98
Retail $59.97 (Save $19.99)


Bondic is not the only type of adhesive that you can use. To see how it stacks up against some of the other alternatives on the market, we’ll take an in-depth look at some of the other popular glues that you can buy.

UV Light Curing Glue

One of the main alternatives to Bondic is this UV Light Curing Glue that works in the same way. This kit comes with a small bottle of glue that allows you to apply the adhesive where you need it. You also get a light-curing gun that you aim at the glue to dry and cure it. This kit is available as a standard kit or with an extra bottle of glue. Finding refills for this kit is hard and can take some time. Though it costs less than Bondic does, you’ll spend more on the refill kits later.

Flex Tape Rubberized Waterproof Tape

We like the Rubberized Waterproof Tape from Flex Tape in jobs that involve water. It comes in a roll that is four-inches wide and five-feet long. You can easily unroll as much tape as you need and cut it to the right size. The adhesive on the tape will never dry out and is easier to use than the traditional Flex Seal liquid product. Flex Tape is resistant to mildew and UB rays when used inside or out. The tape can stick to itself though and is only a temporary solution to your problems. Bondic offers a permanent solution to your issues and can work in all the same places.

Gorilla Glue 2-Part Epoxy

We briefly mentioned Gorilla Glue before, but this company makes products other than glues such as this 2-Part Epoxy. It comes with both of the products that you need in each tube and automatically mixes the materials to create a strong and long-lasting epoxy. You will need to apply the mixture to a separate surface or container before using it for a repair job. As it takes six minutes to dry, the epoxy lets you adjust and rotate parts to get the fit that you want. Though it dries clear just as Bondic does, it doesn’t form as strong of a bond.

Loctite Professional Super Glue

A good super glue that can tackle most home projects is this Professional Super Glue from Loctite, which comes with two containers of superglue in each package. With a drying time of 30 seconds or less, it dries faster than Bondic but does not give you time to get your repair ready. You’ll also find that it dries before you can adjust it. Though it has a longer tip to help you reach tighter spaces, you may find that the liquid seeps out from the tip. It also dries up if you forget to put on the cap. You won’t have the same problems with Bondic.

Why Should You Choose Bondic Over the Alternatives?

With Bondic, you get a welding kit that creates permanent bonds rather than the temporary holds that other glues do. When you compare it to super glue and some of the other competitors that we listed above, you’ll see that Bondic wins in key areas. Some of the reasons you should choose Bondic over other products include:

  • Bondic creates a stronger bond that lasts much longer
  • It can strengthen the bonds that you made in the past
  • You may find that it creates a better bond than the original products had
  • Bondic is suitable for a variety of pro and home repair jobs
  • It is easier to clean up and won’t leave behind the messes that similar products can
  • You can use it as a type of 3D glue to replace missing parts
  • A single package contains enough Bondic to handle dozens of jobs and applications
  • You can keep any extra of the product in a safe spot for future repairs

Once you take into account all the reasons why Bondic can replace other types of adhesives, you can throw away those tubes of glue and invest in one product that can handle all of the repairs jobs on your mind.

Bondic is easier to control than other types of glues and won’t spill out the way that white glue can.

Final Verdict on Bondic

Arts and crafts enthusiasts and hobbyists often have dozens of bottles and containers of glue around. They know that each type will work with a different material and keep them on hand because they never know what they might need. To save space and still have the right glue available for your projects, invest in the Bondic plastic welding kit. Don’t let the word plastic in the name make you think that it only works on plastic though. It works as an adhesive on all the materials in your home, including wood furniture, metal decorations, kids’ toys and much more. Bondic is one of the few products now available that will work on indoor and outdoor projects too.

We recommend this welding kit because it includes 80 applications inside each package and is easy to use. As it’s non-toxic, you can safely use the adhesive on your kids’ toys and on products that you eat off of such as holiday dishes and family china sets. You can even use Bondic to repair rips and tears in your favorite shirt and to hem pants. Our final verdict is that Bondic is a strong tool that can replace all the other adhesives in your home.